Tips and Tricks

  • When pasting content into Terminalfour, use Edit > Paste as Text to remove formatting that will cause issues with the stylesheet.
  • Helpful shortcuts for copying and pasting are:
    • Select all content: 'Command+A' on Mac or 'Control+A' on PC
    • Copy content: 'Command+C' on Mac or 'Control+C' on PC
    • Paste content: 'Command+V' on Mac or 'Control+V' on PC

  • Heading tags dictate how screenreaders scan a web page. If tags are out of order, it makes it hard for those using screenreaders to follow the content.
    • Do not use the Heading 1 <h1> tag. The title of the page in an H1 tag, adding another one will compete with the page title
    • The first heading manually added on a page is a <h2>. Do not start with an <h3>
    • Headings should be in chronological order in either direction but do not skip a tag (i.e. <h1> <h2> <h3 <h2> or <h2> <h3> <h3> <h4> <h3>)

  • Use subheads (headings) in place of bold
  • Use bold sparingly
  • Do not underline text on the web, underlined text means it is a link and it is taking you somewhere
  • Use buttons for calls-to-action
  • Do not use the text "Click Here"
  • Do not refer to navigation on left, there is no left navigation on mobile and tablets
  • Test all of your pages on different devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile)
  • You can Duplicate content that you want to be copied to another page; editing this content will only change the page it is on
  • You can Mirror content you want to appear on another page; editing this content will have the change show on all pages with the mirrored content

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