PDF Downloads

You should create web pages or forms in lieu of creating PDFs. Both are much easier to update and maintain instead of PDFs.

PDFs are a major web accessibility issue. If your content must be in PDF format, it must be fully accessible. All schools, centers, and departments are responsible for making all web content ADA compliant. To ensure that your PDF meets accessibility requirements, you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to check.

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PDFs in Terminalfour

  • PDFs must be 100% ADA compliant in order to be added to the website
  • PDFs should be uploaded to the PDF folder in the "PDF Library"
  • All PDFs will go through a workflow for the Web Team to review/approve
  • PDFs that are not ADA compliant will be sent back to the submitter

Note: Fordham University is responsible for all PDFs and Documents that live on our website, that we link to (blogs and social media), and external sites.

Link to a PDF

The Web Team will provide the Editor with the link to the ADA compliant PDF once it has been reviewed so it can be linked on pages.

Hyperlinking to a PDF

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