Careers in Health

General Information about the Health Professions

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The term "health professions" include those health-related occupations for which students require specialized training, as well as an advanced academic or professional degree. Students interested in the health professions have a wide variety of occupation and degree options, including the areas of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and optometry. The health professions can also include physician assistant, physical therapy, nursing, pharmacy, as well as many others. Degrees in the health professions include the MD, DO, DDS/DMD, PhD, MS, MA, and MPH among many others. 

The following links are the common application websites for the professions listed. These sites provide a wealth of information about education requirements including directories of all schools, financing options, career possibilities and combined degree programs just to name a few.

The links below will provide a brief overview of each profession:

Medical Schools

Dental Schools

Veterinary Medical Schools

Nursing Programs

Physical Therapy Programs

Physician Assistant Programs

Public Health Programs

Audiology/Speech Language Pathology