Open Enrollment

Executive Education Open EnrollmentKeeping current with changing industry practices is crucial in business. Fordham offers open-enrollment executive programs to meet that need.

We provide a maximum amount of knowledge with minimum time investment. Programs typically run from two to five days. Please also take a look at our Advanced Certificates which run over as little as three terms.

Current and recent open-enrollment programs include:

Finance and Accounting

Corporate Compliance Institute
The Gabelli School of Business Summer Compliance Institute offers a one-week intensive training on the fundamentals of an effective Compliance Function within financial services firms, the evolving role and skill sets of the compliance officer, and the interconnectivity between compliance, risk, governance and other lines of defense.

ESG Courses
Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns are becoming part of mainstream business discussions. They require that companies consider more than just profit but create value for all stakeholders, including society. Our ESG courses curriculum is available in several formats and is eligible for CPE credit to help professionals navigate the ESG landscape.

M&A Dealmaking Course
Middle-market companies may not sound as exciting as the biggest firms that bring in billions at a time or the flashy startups that thrill and awe, but the strength of the overall economy depends on the health of the middle market. It’s also where you can find great deals.

General Management

Developing and Implementing a Sustainable Business Plan
This eight-week course looks at the key ethical, economic, and scientific principles needed to manage “triple bottom line” enterprises. Participants learn to manage for the planet, people, profit and longevity simultaneously, and the program culminates in a personalized, actionable strategic plan for your organization – big or small.

Fordham Leadership Accelerator
Leadership is defined by an unrelenting commitment to improvement and change—which is why leaders in any organization or business field can benefit from the Fordham Leadership Accelerator.

Value Investing

The Gabelli Center for Global Security Analysis
This two-day program offered by the Gabelli Center for Global Security Analysis introduced the framework of value investing, an investment paradigm used by some of history’s most successful investors. Topics included the history of value investing, search criteria, valuation methodology, behavioral finance, advanced strategies, and case studies in value investing.

Discounts are frequently offered for Fordham alumni. Once a Ram, always a Ram!

Have a suggestion for a program you would like to see us offer in this condensed format? Let us know: e-mail [email protected].