STEM MBA Concentrations

STEM Program

Considered essential to global economic growth, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focused curricula broadly reinforces data comprehension, quantitative analysis, and the application of logic as it pertains to problem solving. STEM fluency is widely regarded as an asset to leadership across all business fields.

Students in the Gabelli School’s Part-Time MBA Program interested in diving deeper can explore three STEM pathways in FinTech, information systems, and accounting.

FinTech Concentration
The FinTech concentration delivers a deeper understanding of how to use evolving technology to deliver financial services from both the technical aspects of such innovations and their practical application. 

Information Systems Concentration
Students pursuing this track will broadly receive instruction in computer systems from a user-centric perspective, as well as the structure, behavior and interactions of evolving natural and artificial systems that store, process, and communicate information.

Accounting Concentration with STEM Track
Cohort and Professional MBA students may pursue a concentration in accounting with a focus in the STEM-designated track: Accounting Technology Analytics.