Gabelli Business Bridge

Gabelli Business Bridge

A Solid Foundation in Business for Liberal Arts and STEM majors

Program Dates
June 13-24, 2022

Never before has it been more important for college graduates to have a business foundation. Increased disruptions and volatility in the market have left businesses in need of new employees who are not only nimble but who can also contribute immediately. 

The Gabelli Business Bridge Program (GBB) is designed to prepare participants trained in the liberal arts and STEM areas with an essential business tool kit for immediate organizational impact.

The program equips you with critical business skills by integrating a rigorous classroom experience at a world-class business school with practical training and hands-on team experience. The goal is to provide you with the additional skills necessary to help you start a rewarding career. The program is suited for liberal arts and STEM undergraduates and other recent graduates who are interested in receiving an integrated business curriculum taught by the Gabelli School’s highly regarded faculty.

The program also incorporates a group project, which solidifies your transformation into a compassionate business leader of strong character. 

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