Business Ethics Case Study

We all have a broad sense of what good business ethics looks like.

Be honest. Ensure that your business doesn’t harm anyone. Consider the environment.

But what does ethical conduct look like in real life?

As a Gabelli School senior, you’ll get granular about business ethics. You’ll bite into a tough ethical issue of your choice—something a real company is grappling with—and be able to defend your own decision on right and wrong.


Chew on these:

  • If Google’s prototype driverless car is facing an accident situation, should its onboard computer be programmed to make the driving choice that would protect its own passengers? Or the people in the other car?
  • Should GlaxoSmithKline downplay the possible detrimental effects of Paxil on adolescents in order to open up a much larger market for the drug?
  • How should Apple balance its need to maintain production levels against the fact that one of its primary factory subcontractors, Taiwan-based Foxconn Inc., has received negative attention for its poor working conditions?

This course’s case approach will sharpen and improve your moral intuition. The experience will give you something unique to talk about in a job interview.

And, if your ethical analysis is considered the Gabelli School’s best, you could represent Fordham at the International Business Ethics Case Competition. In recent years, several of our students did exactly that—our international competition teams in 2015 and 2016 took home top honors in their division.