Corporate Visits

Corporate Visits

A Gabelli School student walks into the offices of BlackRock.

Who’s asking the questions? You’d probably guess it’s the BlackRock executives, throwing out some challenging interview material.

And that’s true—often it is.

But it’s frequently our students who are doing the grilling in this city’s offices, making good on Fordham’s tagline:

“New York is my classroom.”

Gabelli School students learn on two campuses: their home base at either Rose Hill or Lincoln Center, plus the vast learning laboratory of the New York metropolitan area: Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the surrounding suburbs that together comprise one of the great commercial hubs of the world.

Corporate site visits are a core feature of the Gabelli School program. You’ll go with your professors. You’ll go with clubs you’ve joined. At each stop, you’ll meet people who can give you industry perspective—and possibly tools to launch your career.

Recent Site Visits: