Gabelli: Which Campus?


When undergraduate students apply to Fordham, they must choose a campus. How to pick? Consider which campus has the academic program that interests you most—perhaps a specific business major or concentration—and which setting best suits your style.

Gabelli School at Rose Hill

Rose Hill offers the best of two worlds: a traditional college campus that feels like an oasis from the city, plus excellent proximity to Manhattan.

Why pick Rose Hill?

  • You want to complete a Bachelor of Science in Finance, or a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Rose Hill is where you can do a full major in these fields.
  • You plan to pursue accounting. Rose Hill is this business discipline’s home at Fordham: The 120-credit and 150-credit programs are here. So are the accounting information systems and applied accounting and finance majors.
  • Being part of a larger group is for you. Just over 2,000 students, first years through seniors, make up the Rose Hill part of the Gabelli School.

Gabelli School at Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center puts you directly in midtown Manhattan, on a small, mostly vertical urban campus that is two blocks from Central Park and a quick walk from some of Manhattan’s best internships.

Why pick Lincoln Center?

  • Your interests are international. Lincoln Center is home to our Bachelor of Science in Global Business degree. The classes have an international focus, and 30% of students come from outside the United States.
  • You are interested in growth fields such as global finance, global marketing with consumer insights, and digital innovation. Lincoln Center has specialized concentrations in these areas.
  • Having a smaller, close-knit class is appealing. You would be part of a more intimate undergraduate college experience with about 750 students (total) in the Gabelli School Lincoln Center program. 

Make our city yours: