Digital Media and Technology

Technology drives our modern culture.

Many of the world’s largest tech companies make their home in New York City. You can, too.

The Gabelli School offers you the chance to study, live, and work within striking distance of Silicon Alley. Our program positions you for internships at companies from Google to New York Times Digital to the Food Network.

Ways you can pursue digital media and technology at Lincoln Center:

  • As a primary concentration
  • As a secondary concentration

Ways you can pursue digital media and technology at Rose Hill:

  • As a secondary concentration

We will teach you to:

Develop mobile apps
Manage social media
Advance e-commerce
Identify people's online shopping patterns

In addition to your business coursework, you can take Fordham College classes in computer science, visual arts, communication and media studies, and other departments to develop a portfolio of knowledge and skills unlike anyone else’s.

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Find out more:

  • Admissions questions: [email protected]
  • General academic questions about the Lincoln Center program:
  • Questions about the digital media and technology concentration:
    • Media Track: Assistant Professor, Ronen Shay, Communications and Media Management, [email protected]
    • Tech Track: Assistant Clinical Professor, Dan Groner, [email protected].