Communications and Media Management Program

Communications and media management at the Gabelli School can mean one of two things. The first is general: The ability to communicate with colleagues, clients, and others in a way that allows you to achieve your business goals. (Think of trying to do any business without it.) The other is specific: The knowledge and skills needed for careers in entertainment, global media systems, digital media, and media consumer behavior.

No matter which one pertains to your business career, we can help you study it.

Students can pursue communications and media management at the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses as a secondary concentration.

Courses in communications and media management include:

  • Business of New Media
  • Persuasive Communication
  • Business of Sports Media
  • Business of Entertainment Media
  • Public Relations
  • Personal Leadership
  • Applied Business Communications



Interested in this topic? Watch a mini-lecture from John Carey, professor, communications and media management, here.

Students and alumni in this field hold internships and jobs at: