Business of Healthcare

Over the past decade, the healthcare industry has added 2.6 million jobs nationwide.

Healthcare's employment growth rate was 22.7 percent in that time.

All other industries? A mere 2.1 percent.

When it comes to the future of business, healthcare is among the most dynamic fields. Not just in terms of hiring. In terms of innovation. Technology. Vast markets. New discoveries.

It’s also a field where you can change the lives of others. Gain business skills you can use to empower doctors and patients—or apply outside the healthcare world to lead in any other business niche.

Available at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center, this secondary concentration will teach you to:

  • Lead in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and insurance fields
  • Shape the future of hospital and clinical care
  • Work in corporate and healthcare consulting
  • Develop management expertise you can apply anywhere

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