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Here to Help Your Acclimate

Leaving home to earn a degree in another country can be exciting but unsettling. Will you make friends, be able to complete the work assigned, converse effectively, and navigate a city the size of New York? These questions and concerns are natural, but they shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your graduate education or your dreams here at the Gabelli School.

As an international student, when you enroll in any of our degree programs you become part of a close-knit community that truly cares. We are here to help you transition to this new environment and make you feel at home.

International Students with a laptopInternational Student Preparation Programs

Gabelli TALK

This optional, five-week summer cultural immersion program allows you to acclimate to a U.S. college classroom, sharpen your communications skills, learn about American culture, and explore New York City. You’ll meet and learn with students from around the world in a truly supportive environment. Visit the Gabelli TALK website.

Gabelli School International Business Bridge (IBB)

This optional, two-semester program is perfect for students who have recently graduated from a college outside of the U.S. and who seek to improve their English language skills, business knowledge, and study skills before entering a U.S. graduate business degree program. If you choose to enroll in this program, you will take a mix of English language courses and immersive language business courses so that you are prepared to successfully enroll in and complete a Gabelli School graduate degree. Visit the IBB website.

International Student reading with a laptopAdmissions Office and Office for International Services

Gabelli School Admissions Information for International Students

To ensure that you are well-informed about the admissions process at the Gabelli School of Business, our admissions team can help to answer your questions and provide advice for whatever your particular situation might be. Many times, international students have common questions regarding the admissions process. We have designed a section of our admissions website to help answer some of these questions and address any concerns you might have. Visit the Gabelli Info. for International Students website.

Contact Graduate Admissions:
[email protected]
Phone: + 1 212-636-7280 | +1 800-225-4422

Fordham University Office of International Services (OIS)

Fordham University is dedicated to providing comprehensive services for international students at every phase of their educational journey. The OIS team offers assistance for prospective international students, those who are newly admitted, current students, as well as those who have graduated. Their resources are extensive and will be of tremendous help as you transition to life and learning at the Gabelli School.  Visit the OIS website.