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Collaborative Programming

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Part of the advantage of attending a major research university is the plethora of resources available to you. In addition to the outstanding education you will receive and the comprehensive academic advising services at your fingertips, you’ll have access to Gabelli School of Business and Fordham University resources that supplement your learning, enhance your experience, and provide invaluable support for your well-being.

Before You Begin…


Graduate Student AmbassadorsGraduate Student Ambassador Program

Choosing which college or university to attend to earn your degree can seem like a daunting decision. Sometimes it is best to hear directly from a current student who is already immersed in classroom learning and the wealth of activities we provide to gain a deeper perspective of what your Gabelli School experience will be like. Our Graduate Student Ambassador Program offers an insider’s view of life and learning at the Lincoln Center campus. To visit and/or to speak with a student ambassador, contact the Graduate Admissions Office.

Email: [email protected]
Call: 212-636-6200

Preparatory Programs

As a nationally ranked U.S. business school, we attract students from across the country and around the world. To ensure they are prepared for the rigorous curricula we offer and that they are able to take full advantage of the transformational learning experience we provide, several preparatory programs are available, which allow students to acclimate—from cultural immersion and English language learning to offerings that afford a taste of what graduate study entails.

While You’re Here…


Quinn LibraryAcademic Resources

Access the Fordham University Academic Calendar

Not sure what courses to take? The Gabelli School of Business Academic Bulletin is a convenient source of information to consult as you and your advising dean plan your course of study. It is updated annually and includes descriptions of every course that is being offered. It also provides a helpful interface to verify the courses you have already completed. Access the Graduate Academic Bulletin.

Gabelli School Academic Calendar

Your time at the Gabelli School of Business will be busy. To help navigate through the academic year, the Gabelli School has an academic calendar to make sure you remain aware of important dates and deadlines.
Access the Gabelli School of Business Calendar

Fordham University Libraries

Gabelli School of Business graduate students have onsite and online access to the University’s extensive library collections and resources. Library facilities at the Lincoln Center, Rose Hill, and Westchester campuses are beautifully designed and afford a quiet place to work, do research, and explore a vast array of print and digital materials. Not on campus and need immediate assistance? Library staff members are available to help by online chat, text or phone. Visit the Libraries website.

Fordham University Writing Center

Need help with your writing? The Fordham University Writing Center is a free service that is open to all Fordham students and focuses on encouraging and improving student writing at all levels and across all disciplines. From grammar and composition to citing sources, it is an invaluable resource that is offered both online and onsite at the Lincoln Center, Rose Hill, and Westchester campuses. Visit the Writing Center website.

Center for Community Engaged Learning with studentsCulture and Community

Fordham Institute of American Language and Culture (IALC)

Mastering English to earn a degree, pursue a job, or just communicate on an everyday basis can be challenging. Fordham University’s Institute of American Language provides you with the English language learning programming that will build your confidence and allow you to get the most out of your Gabelli School education.  Visit the IALC website.

Fordham Center for Community Engagement and Learning (CCEL)

The Center for Community Engagement and Learning provides a bridge between Fordham University, the communities that surround it, as well as its global partners. Its goal is to alleviate poverty, promote justice, protect human rights, and respect the environment through experiential learning, research, and civic engagement—all of which are at the core of a Gabelli School of Business education. Visit the CCEL website.

A group of happy students sitting in a classroomDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Gender Equity; and Disability Services

Gabelli School of Business Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, Mattering, and Justice

As a recognized leader in socially conscious business education, the Gabelli School has made DEIB a top priority. Community engagement and global citizenship is woven into the very fabric of our academic programs and campus life to ensure that we remain inclusive and accepting of the diverse points of view, lifestyles, and personal choices, which make all members of our community unique yet equal. Learn more about our comprehensive DEIB programming and ways that you can get involved. Visit the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives website.

Fordham University Office of Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services at Fordham University helps to ensure equal educational access and opportunity for all members of our community. The Office collaborates with administrators, and faculty and staff members to ensure that reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities are provided. Visit the ODS website.

Fordham University Gender Equity and Title IX Office

Fordham University is dedicated to fostering a safe, respectful, and discrimination-free environment for everyone. The Gender Equity and Title IX Office ensures the University complies with Fordham’s non-discrimination policy, including sexual misconduct and harassment, as well as with local, state, and federal laws and regulations related to sexual violence/harassment in compliance with Gender Equity and Title IX. It also provides training, education, and guidance to the University community.  Visit the Gender Equity and Title IX Office website.

Fordham Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)
The Office of Multicultural Affairs is dedicated to developing and implementing University-wide programs and initiatives aligned with diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. It provides a great opportunity for students to get involved and enhance their multicultural and intercultural competency by actively learning how to be a leader in a diverse society.  Visit the Office of Multicultural Affairs website.


Graduate Student Housing

Graduate Housing

Fordham University Graduate Housing

While there is always the option to find your own housing, Fordham University, unlike other institutions of higher learning in NYC, does provide the ability for graduate students to rent an apartment at Wilshire Plaza Graduate Housing, which is just a short walk from the Lincoln Center campus. Learn More About Graduate Housing.

Fitness at Lincoln Center Campus - a group of students training in the fitness centerSafety, Health, and Wellness

Safety, Health, and Wellness Services offered by Fordham University are second to none. They are comprehensive in nature and provide a sense of security that everything you need is immediately accessible and readily available. These services include:

  • Public Safety
  • Health Services
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Fitness and Recreation
  • Substance Abuse and Prevention
  • Campus Assault and Relationship Education 

Visit the Safety, Health, and Wellness website.