A student completing a form

Student Forms

During your time at the Gabelli School of Business, you will be involved in numerous activities, many of which are part of everyday processes, but some that require special permission or authorization. To help you navigate and ensure that your requests are properly documented and approved, we are providing links to forms (below) that you will need to complete and submit. We urge you to familiarize yourself with these important documents.

For All Students

To withdraw from a course during the withdrawal period, or late register after add/drop with professor permission – Navigate from My.Fordham Student tab in the “Student Services” box, under “Electronic Forms”

Update your Graduation Date

Tutorials/Independent Study

Internship Project- NOT for Internship Project Course offered for MSQF and MSGF students, NOT for CPT authorization (see CPT form under “International Students”)

Maintaining Matriculation – For students intending to take a semester off, vacation term, or leave of absence

Exemptions from Immunization Requirements- email form to [email protected]. Link to Covid-19 Requirements here. 

For International Students

Curricular Practical Training- For internships and full-time work during academic program

Optional Practical Training- For work authorization upon graduation