More Information for Students, Faculty, and Staff

The following booklets are published by the Office of Public Affairs, 33 West 60th St., NYC, and are available in the various admissions and student affairs offices, deans’ and department offices, and hallway stands in the Lowenstein Building, Lincoln Center, and Westchester campuses. On the Rose Hill (Bronx) campus, these materials are most readily available in the McGinley Student Center.

Safety and Security

Policies and Procedures at Fordham University contains information about

  • building access,
  • security staff and procedures,
  • conduct standards,
  • safety tips,
  • campus crime statistics,
  • emergency phone numbers,
  • counseling, medical, and health services,
  • procedures to follow if an individual is a witness to or victim of a crime, safety and awareness programs.

Drug-free Campus Program

A flier published and distributed each year to students, faculty, and staff detailing a variety of substance abuse treatment programs available in the NYC metropolitan area. This flier also describes the University Code of Conduct, legal sanctions as a consequence of substance abuse, University disciplinary actions, health risks, and counseling and rehabilitation services available at the University.

Sexual Harassment

Statement of Policy, and A Message Regarding Sexual Harassment. These are pamphlets/fliers published and distributed to students, faculty, and staff which define the offense, describes the University policy regarding sexual harassment, which states in part


“Sexual harassment will not be tolerated in the University community. It subverts the mission of the University and threatens the well-being, educational experiences, and careers of students, faculty, and staff.”

The flier also describes procedures to follow and individuals to contact when incidents of sexual harassment occur.

Student Health Services

A flyer that describes services and their location for students on the Fordham campuses, insurance information, and emergency procedures is available. These are booklets/handbooks describing official University and School policies and resources in various schools within the University. They are typically available from the Office of Student Affairs, 140 West 62nd Street Building, Room G33. Phone: 212-636-6250.

Graduate School of Education Bulletin

All students are encouraged to obtain the latest copy of the Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, which details policies, procedures, and programs of the GSE. View the Bulletin.