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Study Abroad

Study abroad students on the beaches of Granada, Spain with camels

Study abroad students in Granada, Spain

Prof. Tom Deluca and class at Great Wall of China

Prof. Tom Deluca and class at Great Wall of China

Fordham College at Lincoln Center encourages qualified students who have enthusiasm about the world beyond the U.S. to study internationally for a semester or an academic year. This study normally takes place during their junior year or during the sophomore year. Fordham has consortia and affiliation agreements with many schools and organizations that offer opportunities to study abroad, and a Fordham London Centre.

Programs are available in over 50 countries and on 6 continents. Students interested in studying abroad should have a well-reasoned academic purpose and appropriate preparation. It is important to contact the Office of International and Study Abroad Programs well in advance of the planned period of study. All programs of study abroad must be approved in advance through this office. Students applying for study abroad must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and a clear disciplinary record. The Fordham Core Curriculum (with the exception of the Senior Values Seminar, Global Studies, and Pluralism) must be completed before the period of study abroad begins. Study abroad is an excellent way for students to gain an understanding of other cultures and to incorporate a global dimension into their chosen field of study.

Contact Information

Joseph Rienti
Director International and Study Abroad Programs
Fordham University
Rose Hill
Walsh Library, Suite 039
Phone: 718-817-3464
Lincoln Center
Joseph A. Martino Hall, Room 315C
Phone: 212-636-7135