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Grad student by window light - LG"To this day, the faculty and curriculum of the honors program at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus remain a major influence on my decision to pursue my dream of becoming a veterinarian. As my professor for the honors natural science course freshman year, and subsequently as my mentor and adviser throughout my four years at Fordham, Dr. Jason Morris was incredibly supportive and inspiring. His enthusiasm for science is contagious; even students who were strictly interested in English or philosophy were captivated by his lectures. He also challenged us to form individual, thoughtful, well-researched opinions about issues relevant to the subjects we studied, which has been helpful in navigating the real world of scientific ethics and research. Additionally, the diverse liberal arts curriculum of the honors program at Fordham College at Lincoln Center instilled in me the urge to remain a well-rounded and informed individual. I am now in my first year of veterinary school at Cornell University, and I have Dr. Morris and the faculty of the honors program and the natural science department at Fordham College at Lincoln Center to thank for providing me with incredible opportunities and the encouragement I needed to achieve my educational goals." Ali Lindsay
Fordham University Lincoln Center
Cornell University DVM candidate 2018

“The Fordham College at Lincoln Center honors program was an important piece to my intellectual, professional, and personal development, and its yearly seminars still rank among my most favorite Fordham moments. Not only were the conversations fascinating, but the cross-disciplinary [method] was crucial in developing my ability to think and write strategically, and to see patterns across disparate topics. I truly believe that my Fordham education, especially the Fordham College at Lincoln Center honors program, helped me become the successful professional that I am today, inspired a life-long desire to learn, and made me a well-rounded adult.” Patricia Kiernan Johnson (FCLC ’99)