Lincoln Center Honors Academics

Academics LC HP"The honors program offered me the opportunity to connect with like-minded students and dive into class material more collaboratively and intricately, while still having space for individualized learning. From honors class outings, meeting local artists, and visiting some of New York City's most important museums and historical sites, the honor's courses are designed to supplement our four years at Fordham. I get to do this while bonding with my classmates in our own special seminar room and connecting with our professors, too!" –– Tzipporah Goins '25

The honors program replaces the core curriculum of Fordham with a program of active, often independent, learning in seminar-style classes. Fordham College at Lincoln Center has one of the premier honors programs in the nation. We don’t take applications; admission into the program is by invitation only. In a class of approximately 18 students, you will receive an unparalleled educational experience, one that will open your heart, stretch your mind, and prepare you for the work of transforming the world. The honors program has its own accelerated core curriculum, allowing students to move more quickly to advanced work. As you progress, the program’s emphasis shifts from coursework to independent research.