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  • Alissa Perrone, Assistant Director
  • Nicholas Ballor SJ, Postdoctoral Researcher (Dr. Wehr) - Algal Genetics
  • Steve Dilonardo, Associate Research Scientist (Dr. Wehr) - Freshwater Conservation
  • Seth Ganzhorn, Postdoctoral Researcher (Dr. Lewis) - Plant Ecologist
  • John Kokas, Research Technician (Drs. Daniels, Falco) - Insect Ecology
  • Jane Park, Research Technician (Dr. Munshi-South) - Insect Ecology
  • Emily Plunkett, Postdoctoral Researcher (Dr. Munshi-South) - Mammalian Ecology
  • Vanessa Vinci, Research Technician (Drs. Daniels, Falco) - Vector Ecology



Affiliated Faculty - On Rose Hill campus



Support Staff


Graduate Students


  • Jason Aloisio (BS, York College) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Lewis); Rooftop plant community ecology and Project TRUE educational program director
  • Beth Ansaldi (BA, Kalamazoo College) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Franks); The ecological and genetic consequences of cleistogamy; a plant breeding system characterized by the production of both closed, self-pollinating flowers, and open, facultative cross-pollinated flowers
  • Elle Barnes (BA, New York University) - MS Candidate (Dr. Lewis); The microbiome of salamanders and chytrid fungus as a model, how species affect one another in ecological communities
  • Kevin Bennet (BA, Colby College) - MS Candidate (Dr. Clark); Impacts of non-native mammalian predators on avian survival and nesting success
  • Chelsea Butcher (MS, Central Michigan University) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Lewis); Pollen dispersal in urban habitats, at both roof and ground-level
  • Elizabeth Carlen (MS, San Francisco State University) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Munshi-South); Landscape genetics of urban animals, how organisms adapt to urban environments
  • Matthew Combs (BA, Hamilton College) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Munshi-South); Consequences of modern human society on evolutionary and ecological systems, specifically Norway brown rats
  • Ricky Flamio (BS, Fordham University) - MS Candidate (Dr. Hekkala); Ecology and genetics of lake sunfish species (Lepomis auritus and Lepomis gibbosus) in Calder Lake
  • Nicole Fusco (MA, CUNY Hunter College) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Munshi-South); How genomic structure Northern two-lined salamanders (Eurycea bislineata)  populations differ among watersheds
  • Stephen Gottschalk (MS, Fordham University) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Wehr); Biogeography and evolution of the green algal family Characeae throughout the eastern United States
  • Catharina Grubaugh (BA, Middlebury College) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Wehr); Nutritional quality of basal food resources in aquatic ecosystems
  • Carol Henger (MS, CUNY Graduate Center) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Munshi-South); Landscape modeling of coyotes in New York City to predict movement patterns and barriers to gene flow
  • Marly Katz (BS, Marist College) - PhD Candidate (Drs. Daniels, Falco)
  • Michael Kausch (MS, CUNY Queens College) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Wehr); Relationship between groundwater connectivity and freshwater algal biodiversity
  • Justin Pool (MS, Ohio University) - PhD Candidate (Drs. Daniels, Falco); Study of blacklegged tick population; lipid level and infection status of individual ticks throughout the year. Is there a benefit to being infected?
  • Mike Sekor (BS, Vasser College) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Franks)
  • Acer Vanwallendael (BS, Juniata College) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Franks); Ecology and evolution of invasive Japanese knotweed (Reynoutria japonica)
  • Xiupeng Zhao (BS, Beijing Forestry University) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Lewis); The effects of urbanization on carbon and nitrogen cycles in the riparian zone along an urban-to-rural gradient in New York Metropolitan area.


Undergraduate Students


  • Anna Hudson - Epidermal fatty acid composition in different bat species and their effects on the growth of Pseudogymnoascus destructans, the fungus responsible for White Nose Syndrome (Dr. Frank)
  • Samantha Levano - Studying the hybridization of sunfish species in Calder Lake to determine the factors that drive mating behavior (Dr. Hekkala)
  • Olivia Micci-Smith - Animal behavior and evolution on the urban to rural gradient (Dr. Munshi-South)
  • Sarah Steirer - Identifying the brown alga Heribaudiella in various streams in Connecticut under various environmental factors at each site to discover what habitats are most suitable for the alga to grow. (Dr. Wehr)
  • Daniel Restifo - Studying how marine species of brown algae adapt to live in a freshwater system by examining algal growth in different salinities. (Drs. Ballor, Wehr)


High School Students


  • John Geier (Pleasantville High School) - The effect of different metals on invasive plants (Dr. Lewis).
  • Ben Radhuber (Ossining High School) - The effect of nutrient availability and elevated CO2 on the yield and nutritional composition of the tomato fruit (Dr. Lewis)