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Visionary Series CCL

Commercial real estate has long been an indicator of the economy at large, and in turn is impacted by both domestic and foreign issues. As our nation approaches its 250th anniversary in 2026, the commercial real estate industry has the potential to play a major role in the continued success of our country on a global scale.

Join us at one of the four events to learn more about the biggest factors, known or predicted, that will affect our industry in the next five years.

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Fordham University Real Estate Institute Launches New Graduate Program in Real Estate Management and Partners with BOMI International to Meet the Growing Demand for Specialists in This Dynamic Field

In response to a changing built environment along with the projected attention and advancement within the real estate asset, property, and facilities management industry, the Fordham University School of Professional Studies Real Estate Institute announces a new graduate-level Advanced Certificate in Real Estate Management program designed to help professionals become innovative, forward-thinking leaders educated in the latest industry practices. And to further strengthen ties to the industry, Fordham REI announces a new partnership with BOMI International to offer BOMI facilities management, building systems maintenance, and building energy management coursework and credential equivalencies to Fordham REI students. Fordham students will have the benefit of the latest curriculum designed by BOMI and will have the opportunity to add valuable BOMI credentials to their resume.

“BOMI is a recognized leader in real estate management education and this partnership comes at a critical time for both the industry and for the Fordham Real Estate Institute,” said Ryan O’Connor, President of Clinton Management, the property management arm of The Douglaston Companies. “Successful property management and value creation require a level of sophistication that both the new graduate program and the BOMI partnership will provide. As an alumnus of Fordham University and now as an adjunct instructor and contributor to the Fordham REI Executive Advisory Council, I am excited to assist with the expansion of our industry engagement through new graduate and noncredit professional programs and partnerships.”