Group Tour Visit Options

We want your high school, college access group, or club to visit Fordham, but need to make sure we can be good hosts.

  • The University requires student participants to be enrolled in high school (freshmen through seniors) or college (prospective transfer students).
  • The minimum size for a group tour is 10 students and the maximum size is 30 students. Fordham requires one chaperone for every ten students.

Larger groups, those without chaperones, or any group without a confirmed appointment for a guided tour will be denied access to campus. Please help us by following our guidelines.

Meet your tour guide.

Tours are led by Fordham students, and they're busy. This means group tours are only offered at the following times:

Fall Semester

Fall offerings will be posted in August.

Spring Semester

Spring offerings will be posted in December.


  • Lincoln Center (Manhattan) Campus: Wednesdays and Thursdays at 1:00 p.m.
  • Rose Hill (Bronx) Campus: Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m.
Regretfully, group tours are not offered in May or December, on weekends, during University holidays, on Undergraduate Admission Office event days, through self-guided visits, during mid-terms and finals, or when our tour guides or staff have other conflicts. See our calendar of available dates when you make your request below. Please note: Offerings for future seasons will not be posted until the times listed above. Please check back then to view our availability.

Make your request.

All requests must be received at least two weeks prior to the desired visit date. A request does not guarantee a tour. You will be contacted to confirm a date and time. There is a limit of one group tour per academic term for each organization.

Here's what else you should know.

How long do tours typically last?
Tours typically last forty-five minutes to one hour. Visitors will have an opportunity to walk through academic buildings, the student center, and the library, while learning about services offered to students both current and prospective. You will have the chance to learn about historical facts and stories from our very own students!

Does Fordham provide lunch and/or transportation as part of the experience?
Fordham does not provide lunch or transportation as part of the visit experience. If you choose to bring lunch to eat on campus, you may utilize unused, public, outdoor space for your group; however, we are unable to secure a dedicated room for the group.

Are there public transportation options close to each campus? 
We have many ways in which you can access our two campuses. When traveling to Rose Hill, you can travel via the Metro-North Harlem line and disembark at the Fordham Road stop. You can also access the campus via the B, D, and 4 subway lines or via a variety of city buses. When traveling to Lincoln Center, you can travel via the subway and disembark at the Columbus Circle stop at 59th St.

Does Fordham provide an information session as part of the tour?
We do not offer a standard information session as part of the group tour experience. Our student ambassadors who lead the tour are very knowledgeable and involved in the Fordham community and are happy to answer any questions during your tour. If there is a question you would prefer to ask an admission counselor, you may come back to the Office of Undergraduate Admission and ask to speak with an admission representative. If an individual student is interested in attending an information session on a different day than your group tour, please see that option on our website under Information Session & Tours and have the student register accordingly.

How do I keep in contact with Fordham after my visit?
We will ask you (or your students) to fill out an inquiry card before going out on your tour, which will give you an opportunity to submit your name, email address, and mailing address so we may keep in contact with you and let you know what's going on at Fordham. During your visit, you may also ask the receptionist for your admission counselor's business card. Each counselor is assigned a territory, so feel free to ask who your territory manager is during your visit.

We can help. 

Should you need any assistance with planning a group tour at Fordham, please email Laura Connor at [email protected].