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The Office of Undergraduate Admission is ready to answer your application questions about requirements and help with the college selection process:

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester Admission

November 1 - Common Application Open for Submission
June 1 - Application Deadline

Admission decisions are provided on a rolling basis beginning March 15th.

Spring Semester Admission

August 1 - Common Application Open for Submission
November 1 - Application Deadline

Admission decisions are provided on a rolling basis beginning October 15.

*Due to space constraints, we do not anticipate housing availability in our first year residence halls for Spring 2022 transfers. Upperclass transfer students admitted for Spring 2022 will be granted housing and placed in upperclass residence halls on or off campus.

Transfer Application Requirements

  • Common Application
    • When completing the Common Application, you will be required to submit one essay. An applicant may select any of the Common Application essay prompts.
    • The transfer application fee is $70.
      • An applicant whose financial circumstances would pose a major barrier to applying to college can demonstrate their financial need by meeting one of the indicators outlined in the Common Application. Please refer to this information in the Personal Information section of the Common Application. If one or more of the guidelines apply to you, you will automatically qualify to have your Common Application fees waived.
      • We are pleased to offer waived application fees for community college students who are a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK). If you indicate you are a PTK member in the Program Materials section of the Common Application, your application fee will automatically be waived.
      • We are pleased to offer waived application fees for members and dependents of members of the US Armed Forces. If you indicate you are a veteran on the Common Application, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at to receive an application fee waiver.
  • Official or Unofficial College Transcript(s):
    • Required from all institutions attended, even if you were a part-time or non-matriculated student.
    • Under the Academic History quadrant of your Common Application, select the Colleges Attended section, and complete the steps to order your transcript.
    • Official transcripts may also be emailed or mailed to the Office of Admission directly by your institution.
    • Additionally, we accept unofficial college transcripts directly from the applicant and this may be uploaded to the Optional Documents 'Unofficial College Transcript' section of the Common Application, or can be emailed to the Office of Admission at
    • Students who have completed international university coursework must have their transcript evaluated by World Education Services (WES) or another NACES-accredited evaluation service to be considered for potential transfer credit. Evaluations are not required for international institutions accredited by a United States regional accrediting organization.
  • Unofficial High School Transcript or High School Equivalency Exam Results:
    • To be eligible for transfer admission, an applicant is required to have graduated from high school or received a high school equivalency diploma.
    • The applicant may provide this by email to, by mail, or by uploading it to the Common Application.
    • An official high school transcript or exam results may instead be sent to Fordham directly by your high school or the equivalency exam testing agency.
    • Fordham accepts the GED, TASC, HiSet, and CHSPE as high school equivalency exams.
    • All students who are admitted and enroll at Fordham must submit an official, final high school transcript, or official high school equivalency exam results, prior to the start of classes. In order for a document to be considered official, it must be sent to us directly by your high school or equivalency exam test center. Official documents will not be accepted from the applicant.
  • Transfer College Report
    • An academic official at the institution you currently or most recently attended should complete all portions of the transfer college report. Typically, your institution's Registrar's Office or an academic dean may complete this document.
    • The purpose of this form is to confirm your academic standing. Please be sure all questions are answered on the form.
    • A letter of good standing from a school official that addresses all questions listed on the form can serve as a substitute.
    • Please download the Transfer College Report editable pdf and send it via email to your school administrator. Your institution may complete the form and then email it to us at
    • When complete, your institution should email or mail the document to us directly. Please note that we are unable to accept the Transfer College Report directly from an applicant.
  • Transfer Mid-Term Report
    • Mid-term grades are required for some applicants. If you have not yet completed one year of full-time college/university coursework (less than 24 credits post high school graduation), the Mid-Term Report is required.
    • The Mid-Term Report will be waived for all other applicants unless specifically requested.
    • If you are not currently enrolled in classes, the Mid-Term Report is waived.
    • The purpose of this form is to report your grades from each of your current classes. All classes must be reported. A student may self-report this information.
    • Please download the Transfer Mid-Term Report and complete the editable PDF form. When complete, the applicant may submit the Mid-Term Report by email to, by mail, or by uploading it to the Optional Documents 'Other' section below.
  • Standardized Test Scores:
    • Submission of the SAT and/or ACT is optional for all applicants.
    • If a student chooses to submit SAT or ACT testing, Fordham will accept official scores from the testing agency or from the student's high school/secondary school counselor.
    • If a student chooses to submit SAT or ACT testing, or is required to submit English language proficiency test results, Fordham will also accept unofficial (self-reported) scores. After submitting the Common Application, you may only self-report scores using the form in your Fordham applicant portal.
    • International students whose first language is not English must demonstrate their proficiency through English language proficiency test results. Fordham will accept official scores from the testing agency or from the student's high school/secondary school counselor.
    • Additional information regarding our testing policy is available on our website.
  • English Language Proficiency Test Scores:
    • All international students whose native language is not English are expected to submit recent results from the TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo English Test.
    • International students who are not submitting these required results must complete the English Language Proficiency Test Waiver Request Form linked within the online applicant portal after an application has been officially submitted. Please refer to our international transfer website for more information.
  • Letters of Recommendation
    • Letters of recommendation are not required for transfer applicants.
    • If you elect to submit a recommendation, a letter from a faculty member is preferred.
    • You may request your recommender to submit their letter via the Common Application or by emailing Fordham directly at

Sending Documents

Application materials can be sent to Fordham in one of three ways:

  • Via the Common Application.
  • Via email to
  • Via mail to: Fordham University, Office of Undergraduate Admission, 441 E. Fordham Rd., Bronx, NY 10458
    • Application materials for both campus locations should be mailed to this address.