Accelerated Degree Programs

Earn a master’s degree in only one year of study beyond the bachelor’s degree. Or earn a law degree in only two years. Through our accelerated dual-degree programs, you can continue your studies seamlessly through Fordham’s graduate schools of arts and sciences, business, education, law, and social service.

Benefits of Becoming a Double Ram

  • Cost savings over a typical two- or three-year graduate program at another school
  • The prestige of a Fordham degree from a highly ranked graduate school
  • Broader access to and participation in a community of conscientious, compassionate educators and students
  • The development of specialized skills that can lead to greater career opportunities and earning potential

Apply as a Junior and Start Taking Grad Courses as a Senior

You are eligible to apply to most accelerated degree programs during your junior year.

3-3 Program

Doctor of Law

Five-Year Bachelor’s/Master’s

M.S. in Accounting (Gabelli)
M.S. in Applied Psychological Methods (GSAS)
M.S. in Applied Statistics and Decision-Making (Gabelli)
M.S. in Business Analytics (Gabelli)
M.S. in Biological Sciences (GSAS)
M.A. in Catholic Theology (GSAS)
M.S. in Computer Science (GSAS)
M.S. in Cybersecurity (GSAS)
M.S. in Data Science (GSAS)
M.A. in Economics (GSAS)
M.A. in English (GSAS)
M.A. in Ethics and Society (GSAS)
M.S. in Global Finance (Gabelli)
M.A. in Global History (GSAS)
M.A. in History (GSAS)
M.S. in Humanitarian Studies (GSAS)
M.S. in Information Technology (Gabelli)
M.S. in Management (Gabelli)
M.S. in Marketing Intelligence (Gabelli)
M.S. in Media Management (Gabelli)
M.A. in Philosophy (GSAS)
M.A. in Public Media (GSAS)
M.S. in Quantitative Finance (Gabelli)
Master of Social Work (GSS
M.S. in Taxation (Gabelli)
M.A. in Urban Studies (GSAS)
M.S. in Teaching (GSE)

Contact Us

For more information about any of these programs, please contact the dean of the school you are most interested in applying to:

Gabelli School of Business
Brian Dunn
Assistant Dean for Honors Opportunities and Dual-Degree Programs

Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Tracyann Williams
Assistant Dean for Student Support and Success

Fordham College at Rose Hill
Christie-Belle Garcia
Assistant Dean for Student Support and Success