How to Apply

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For most first-year domestic students, here are the requirements for a complete application.

Required Components:

Optional Components:

Selecting a College and a Campus

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Application Deadlines

Note on application deadlines: For Fordham University, we would like your application to be as complete as possible by the deadline. We do understand that it is not always possible for official scores and supporting documents to arrive with the application. Only the Common Application needs to arrive on or before the deadline. However, we should receive any other supporting documents within two weeks of the deadline.

Fall Admission

  • Early Action (Non-Binding)*: November 1
    *Applicants to Dance and Theatre majors apply Early Action.
    The Early Action deadline has been extended to November 8.
  • Early Decision I (Binding): November 1
    The Early Decision I deadline has been extended to November 8.
  • Regular Decision: January 3
    The Regular Decision deadline has been extended to January 22.
  • Early Decision II (Binding): January 3
    The Early Decision II deadline has been extended to January 15.

Spring Admission

  • December 1 Deadline
    • Students who are looking to enroll at Fordham in January 2024 should apply as Spring 2024 applicants.
    • International students who need to apply for a visa to attend Fordham should note that we cannot guarantee sufficient time for the visa process for applications completed after November 15.

Information About the Application Fee and Fee Waivers
Our application fee is $70.00. Our institution proudly participates in the following fee waiver programs:

  • College Board’s SAT-to-College Application Fee-Waiver Program. If you took the SAT using a fee waiver, you automatically qualify for a college application fee waiver to apply for admission here at Fordham University. You can learn more about this program at College Board.
  • Students can also select the "NACAC Fee Waiver" option on the Common Application.
  • We are pleased to offer waived application fees for members and dependents of members of the US Armed Forces.  If you indicate you are a veteran on the Common Application, we will automatically waive your fee.
  • You’ll find a range of other fee waiver options on the Common Application. Please select the one that fits you best.

Am I a first-year student or a transfer student?
Any student who earns college credit after completing a secondary school diploma is considered a transfer student, regardless of the number of credits completed. Both matriculated and non-matriculated students who earn credit will be considered a transfer. If you have audited a class or completed noncredit coursework, then you may be considered an incoming first-year student. Typically, students who complete language intensive classes, who do not earn credit, are considered incoming first-year students.

Students who begin their studies at a college or university and withdraw prior to earning credit must contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission via email at [email protected] to confirm their status. In order to be considered as a first-year, a student must withdraw prior to the add/drop date at the institution they attended and provide official documentation (college transcript, withdrawal form) indicating the date of their withdrawal. In addition, to be considered a first year, the student must not have had any financial aid disbursed from the federal government while at the college or university that he or she attended.

The Office of Undergraduate Admission will exercise professional judgment and consider each student’s circumstances to ensure that, regardless of status (first year or transfer), the best interest of the student’s needs are met related to enrollment.

Note: Fordham University (its undergraduate colleges, graduate and professional schools) is an eligible institution of higher education that admits as students only persons who (i) have a high school diploma (ii) have a recognized equivalent.