Request for Deferral to Future Term or Gap Year

What is a deferral/gap year?
A deferral/gap year is a process that allows a student to defer their current offer of admission to a future term of entry. The goal of a deferral/gap year is to allow a student to pursue non-collegiate opportunities prior to enrolling in a college/university, having already secured a space in that college/university for a future term. These opportunities include but are not limited to: travel abroad, community service, artistic training programs, employment, religious missions, or military service. Deferrals for financial reasons are not permitted.

How long may I defer my offer of admission?
Students may defer for up to one year, either one semester or the full academic year. 

Am I allowed to take college credits during the deferral period?
No. You may not enroll at any college or university as a degree seeking or non-matriculated student, or take any college courses, during the deferral period.

Am I allowed to apply to other colleges during the deferral?
No. When you defer, we are holding a place in the class for you and you have declared your intent to enroll. As such, students will refrain from submitting any new applications for admission to colleges or universities during the time of deferral.

Will I retain my original financial aid offer?
Not necessarily. If you choose to defer your enrollment for one year, you will need to reapply for financial aid by submitting an updated FAFSA and CSS Profile. We do not guarantee that all scholarships and/or financial aid will carry over to the following year. (Note: students who defer for one semester do not need to refile and retain one half of their original award). The only scholarships we guarantee will carry over are the following: 

  • Cunniffe Presidential
  • Excellence in Theatre 
  • Fordham Scholarship (Semifinalist and National Recognition Program Scholarships)
  • International Loyola
  • Dean’s Scholar recipients are guaranteed the $25,000 merit portion of the award; the need portion will be reevaluated based on the updated financial filing.

How do I request a deferral?
If you’d like to request a deferral, the first step is to contact your admission counselor. Your admission counselor will advise you on next steps. If you wish to proceed, you will receive a form to formalize the request. Once the form is submitted, you will receive a response within five business days. If your deferral is approved, you will need to secure your place in the class by submitting the Enrollment Form and deposit payment by the deposit deadline. You will also be asked to sign a contract no later than July 1, confirming the terms of your deferral.