Marketing Intelligence

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# 11 Best Masters Program in E-business and Digital Marketing

Marketing data are what you’ll find out there.
Marketing intelligence is what you’ll master at the Gabelli School of Business.

In today’s marketing environment, gathering and analyzing data is more important than ever. It's just as crucial to step back and think about the marketing issues surrounding the numbers.

Only Gabelli School students graduate with that kind of know-how, which explains why 86% of our U.S. MSMI degree holders are hired within 90 days of graduation.

In the Gabelli School’s Master of Science in Marketing Intelligence (MSMI) program, we ask the hard questions on a daily basis. That’s because today’s employers want more than number crunchers—they want strategic thinkers who bring a blend of marketing savvy, data-driven insight, and moral clarity to the table.

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GSB MS in Marketing Intelligence

MSMI overview

Your marketing intelligence degree will provide a strong background in marketing, strategies and tactics, customer behavior, and both qualitative and quantitative market research.

The MSMI faculty includes internationally recognized business academics as well as executives who have worked at top advertising and marketing firms. This mix allows you to merge the latest in theoretical understanding with real-world perspective—a solid advantage not only in the job market, but also on the job.

The Gabelli School edge

Not many business schools can put you to work on a marketing challenge at The Food Network. Not many students get to present their ideas to the boardroom at Bloomberg LP. At the Gabelli School, those sorts of experiences are at the heart of our approach to developing street-smart marketing executives with impressive résumés.

The Gabelli School MSMI program is STEM-approved, offering international students the ability to work for a longer period without immediate need of sponsorship.

Ideal candidates

The MSMI is ideal for anyone who is passionate about understanding consumers and fascinated by the complex issues that arise when applying data to marketing.

Some candidates come to the program with prior experience in marketing, market research, or advertising, while others are looking to gain that experience and enter the field with a specialization in marketing intelligence.

Leadership intelligence

No matter the industry or role you choose, mastering leadership skills will help you achieve your professional goals. The Thoughtful Leadership Certification program ™ prepares you to be an effective leader by helping you identify your leadership style, practice solving real problems, target your strengths, and build personal connections.