ARS Nova Digital Showcase 2023

Mila Kasalla Project Cover 2023Mila Kasalla

Acute Stress and Perifornical Area Urocortin-3 Neurons in the Hypothalamus

Abdo Yousef Project Cover 2023Abdo Yousef

Algerian Political Expression & Folk Music

Connor Fierro Project Cover 2023Connor Fierro

Biophysiological Effects of Hate Speech as Measured by mEEG with Subjective Response Survey Correlation

Maria Nettgen Project Cover 2023Maria Nettgen

Developing novel gels for environmental remediation: properties and gelation abilities of quaternary ammonium salts

Grace Tierney Project Cover 2023Grace Tierney

Differentiating NGN2 Neurons from Neural Progenitor Cells

Melanie Paquiyauri Project Cover 2023Melanie Paquiyauri

Digital Inequalities in the Bronx

Kexin Zheng Project Cover 2023Kexin Zheng

The Effect of Internalized Model Minority Myth on Acculturation, Racism-Related Stress, Depression, Anxiety, and Self-Injury Levels Among Asian American Adults

Ruotian (Angela) Weng Project Cover 2023Ruotian (Angela) Weng

The Effect of Tonal Language Speaking on Pitch Discrimination Ability

Janessa Rangel Project Cover 2023Janessa Rangel

An Examination of Urban Adolescent Life Experiences and Engagement in Risky Behavior

Natalie Fermoselle Project Cover 2023Natalie Fermoselle

Examining the Role of Subjective Age in Subjective and Objective Cognition

Gabrielle Abrazaldo Project Cover 2023Gabrielle Abrazaldo

An exploration of the manifestations of colonial mentality in the dating attitudes, behaviors, and experiences of college-aged Filipino American women

Shenaya Dias Project Cover 2023Shenaya Dias

Framework for Corruption and Poverty with Special Application to Sri Lanka

Regan Zeaser Project Cover 2023Regan Zeaser

Fitting a Generalized Linear Model to a Novel Neural Dataset

Minwa Alhamad Project Cover 2023Minwa Alhamad

Forging Community: The Experiences of Queer Arab International Students in the United States

Bennett Reinhardt Project Cover 2023Bennett Reinhardt

Placing Homeless Bodies: Homelessness in New York City in Sociospatial Perspective

Alex Chambers Project Cover 2023Alex Chambers

Points of View

Maggie Boros Project Cover 2023Maggie Boros

Relationship Between COVID-19-Induced Taste and Smell Loss and Cognitive Functioning

Anna Nowalk Project Cover 2023Anna Nowalk

"Wounded by Love”: Suffering in Love Mysticism (and Musical Theatre): A Cabaret