The Gabelli Advantage

STEM Designation

The Gabelli School of Business is proud to offer a STEM-designated full-time MBA program. The interdisciplinary nature of the Gabelli School’s MBA program blends together foundational business disciplines and incorporates expertise in technology, engineering, and science to help graduates make better business decisions.

International students graduating from STEM MBA programs and employed in a STEM-designated occupation may apply for a 24-month extension to their post-completion OPT, providing up to 36 months of temporary employment in the U.S.

Full-time MBA students at the Gabelli School of Business have access to a slate of advantages, each tied to the program’s identity as a socially conscious MBA program in the center of New York City.


Here in New York, industry is at your doorstep. Full-time MBA students are invited to special networking events with Fordham alumni and other professionals. Site visits take MBAs into the conference rooms, design labs, and production floors of companies all over New York, from multinational corporations to startups.

Site visits take MBAs into the board rooms, design labs, and production floors of companies all over New York and across the globe, from multinational corporations to startups.


Want to avoid being just a student ID number in a sea of fellow MBAs? The Gabelli School keeps its full-time MBA program intentionally small, with an incoming class of 75 or fewer students. The result is direct access to your professors—and your peers. MBAs have a chance to develop lifelong relationships with their classmates, building an unbreakable network that will last far into their membership in Fordham’s population of 180,000 alumni worldwide.

Academic services

Gabelli MBAs are never without full support from the school. 

  • Professional-development advising from the Career Development Center
  • More than 20 graduate-level student organizations
  • One-on-one academic advising