Liberal Arts Core

What’s philosophy got to do with business?

In short, everything. 

You can work in business if you know how to analyze a Form 10-K or write a marketing plan. You can lead in business if you know how to think critically, frame questions, and see alternative perspectives.

This is what the Gabelli School’s liberal arts core teaches you. 

Thirteen courses to unlock the world.

At Fordham, business students take a robust 13-course liberal arts core curriculum that complements the integrated business core. This dual education sets you apart.

You will be a businessperson. But you will also be a writer. A thinker. A historian. And a very interesting human being.

Here’s what you can expect to take, in addition to your business courses:

Freshman year
Economics: Basic Macroeconomics
Economics: Basic Microeconomics
Economics: Statistics I
English: Composition II
Fine Arts: Choose among courses such as Art History, Opera, or Urbanism 
History: Choose one course in the “Understanding Historical Change” group
Math: Math for Business—Finite
Math: Math for Business—Calculus
Philosophy: Philosophy of Human Nature
Theology: Faith and Critical Reason

Sophomore and junior years
English: Texts and Contexts
Philosophy: Philosophical Ethics
Theology: Choose one course in the “Sacred Texts and Traditions” group