Sophomore Year: Teamwork

When: Fall of sophomore year, in most cases.

What You’ll Learn

Are you ready to work well with others? Success in your first job will depend on it. This block will teach you to operate in the same “project teams” that await you in the corporate world.

Courses You’ll Take in the Fall

  • Marketing
  • Financial Accounting
  • Statistical Decision-Making
  • Management
  • Business Communication 1
  • Information Systems 1

What makes the difference is that you’ll take all of these classes with the same tight-knit group—a.k.a. “cohort”—of classmates. Collaborating with that same team in all of your courses will ready you for working with anyone, on anything, in your future career.

Fall Teamwork Real-World Project

You and a team of four or five classmates will be assigned a company—a real one. Apple. Tesla. Facebook. Nike. Starbucks. Together, you will have to identify the main problem that company is facing in today’s business world, come up with a solution, and pitch it to a team of judges. The best project team wins $3,000 and has its members’ names engraved on the Consulting Cup, a large silver trophy on the third floor of Hughes Hall.

Social Innovation Cohorts

While all of our teams are encouraged to be innovative in keeping with the Gabelli School's mission, we offer several cohorts which provide students with the opportunity to complete their Consulting Cup competition through the lens of social innovation.  As a team, you will identify the main problem facing your company in today's business world and then pitch a solution which not only addresses the issue, but also positions the company to challenge systemic social and environmental issues in support of social progress. 

Courses You’ll Take in the Spring

  • Finance
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Strategy
  • Business Communication 2
  • Information Systems 2

Spring Teamwork Real-World Experience

Can you communicate like a leader? At the end of the spring semester, you’ll have the chance to test your skills in the business-communications simulation, which goes beyond standard writing and speaking assignments and puts you through a series of challenges that reflect the daily work of actual business leaders.