Study Abroad

Students on pastoral hillside - SMFor four months of her Fordham career, Lauren Jantsch woke up each morning in a dorm-style Danish kollegium and walked the streets of Copenhagen to her class in European Business Strategy. On off days, acting as a student consultant, she advised the Danish microbrewery Skands on how to internationalize its brand.

Imagine being able to mention that kind of experience in a job interview.

So-what is your full semester abroad going to be like?

Maybe you'll be able to answer some of these questions ...

  • How is a morning meeting run in Singapore?
  • What's it like to meet executives at UBS in Geneva or at a Chilean vineyard?
  • How do you respectfully make a comment in a Beijing boardroom?

Fordham has connections with more than 150 programs in countries all over the world. In terms of curriculum and coursework, Gabelli has special ties with:

Think about which nation will be your home for a few months. The choice is yours.