What is a thesis?

A thesis is not the same as a term paper. It is probably unlike any research you have done before. Most research papers you have written have involved library inquiry: You read all that could be found about a subject, summarized it and contribute a new perspective to what was already known.

In completing a thesis, you engage in original research. That means you go beyond what is known already. You will design a study that generates new knowledge—one that gathers data and manipulates it (statistically, qualitatively, or via legal analysis) in new ways to shed new light on your subject. Reading all that is to be found about the topic is only the beginning of this process; you will use previous studies as the springboard for your own work.

Honors Thesis Program Timeline

In the spring of your junior year, the Honors Thesis Program director and a faculty advisor of your choice from your business discipline will help you to craft a scientific, theory-based research project that satisfies these criteria and can be completed in time for you to graduate.

During the first two semesters—junior spring and senior fall—you will learn more about scientific research in the business field, including topics and methodologies. Gabelli School faculty will speak to your class about research in their fields; they may present their own scholarship and describe the processes that created those studies. This learning experience and close one-on-one work with your advisor will prepare you to develop a scholarly thesis proposal.