Gabelli School Accounting Winternship Program

A Unique Opportunity to Enhance Your Skills and Build Your Network

The Gabelli School of Business “Winternship” program (GWP), which began in the spring of 2020, provides Gabelli School undergraduate seniors with the opportunity to enroll in a unique program that combines practical experience and education during their final semester as an undergraduate. Our accounting majors are provided with the ability to combine client-facing work experience at one of the leading global assurance, tax, and consulting service firms with an innovative educational experience led by the renowned Gabelli School accounting and tax faculty.

Key Benefits of the Winternship Program:

  • Winter internship experience at an international firm, including all Big Four accounting firms
  • Recognition of your achievement in being chosen for this selective program
  • Opportunity to take graduate business courses that would count towards a Master’s in Accounting or Taxation degree
  • Scholarship opportunities at the graduate level upon graduation from the undergraduate accounting program
  • Early identification for graduate assistant roles while pursuing a master’s degree
  • Ability to take courses designed to accommodate a full-time internship during their spring semester.

Learn from the Pros at Top Industry Firms

Part of the value proposition of earning your undergraduate accounting degree at the Gabelli School of Business is our deep industry connections with top firms. These organizations are committed to helping our students gain invaluable experience to launch their careers and build their networks.

  • Andersen, LLC
  • Deloitte US, LLP
  • EY, LLP
  • PwC, LLP
  • RSM, LLP
“The Winter Internship allows Fordham Gabelli students the opportunity to better understand the professional services industry; build relationships with partners, principals, and staff members; and develop personally and professionally.”

Michael O'Neill (GABELLI '92), Partner, PwC, LLP
“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Gabelli School to offer a platform of career discernment for their students, and are looking forward to the GSB interns’ contribution to Andersen.”

Alison Andersen (FORDHAM LAW ‘04), Managing Director, Andersen

Gain Work Experience While Completing Your Undergraduate Degree and Pursing Your Graduate Degree

The Gabelli Winternship program provides seniors with the ability to work full-time as an intern during the first 10 weeks of their spring semester of their senior year. Internship positions are secured directly between the student and a participating firm with the support and guidance of our Personal and Professional Development Center (PPD) and the advising dean’s office. Furthermore, students will enroll in courses designed specifically with offerings on accelerated hybrid platforms to accommodate a full-time work commitment during the spring. Additionally, the program offers students the ability to take graduate courses that would count towards the M.S. in Accounting or M.S. in Taxation programs at the Gabelli School of Business. Students also are eligible for scholarship consideration as part of a “4+1” program. Considering all the benefits—the Gabelli School Winternship Program is a “Win Win” for everyone!

Gabelli Winternship Program Requirements:

  • Achievement of a 3.40 GPA or above at the time of application
  • Completion of required coursework determined by the advising dean’s office 
  • Acceptance of a Winter Internship offer from one of the Gabelli Winternship Program participating firms


“Deloitte is excited to partner with Fordham to give students the opportunity to have another in-depth experience in the professional services and accounting industry.”

Gregory Schwartz, Senior Campus Recruiting Specialist | Talent Acquisition, Deloitte Services, LP
    1. What is the deadline to apply to the Gabelli School Winter Internship Program?
      The priority deadline is in October. Exact dates will be available at Gabelli Graduate Admission Deadlines. Otherwise, enrollment is on a rolling basis. Because specific GWP classes are offered in the spring semester, students are encouraged to communicate with their advising dean by early in the Fall semester to ensure they are well positioned to participate, especially before registration for spring courses opens up in the Fall. 
    2. Do students secure their own internship position?
      Yes, students apply and interview with participating firms with the support of Gabelli School resources and secure an internship position. Decisions regarding hiring, full-time offers, and salary are arranged between the student and the firm. Students are encouraged and expected to coordinate their efforts with the Gabelli School’s Personal and Professional Development Center (PPD).
    3. If a student has secured a summer internship, can the student also accept a winter internship through the GWP?
      Hiring decisions and policies are arranged between the student and the firm. If a participating firm is willing to offer a student more than one internship position, the student is required to communicate the multiple offers to PPD.
    4. Can a student enroll in the GWP and enroll in graduate courses (other than the GWP compressed courses) within the Gabelli School M.S. in Accounting or M.S. in Taxation?YES! Please discuss with your advising dean the number of those courses that make sense for your particular situation, especially if combining these courses with your GWP.  
    5. Are students participating in GWP eligible for a graduate school merit scholarship for a master's degree program?
      Yes. Students interested in applying to the M.S. in Accounting or the M.S. in Tax are encouraged to communicate directly with the Graduate Admission's Office for details and to schedule a meeting.
    6. Is there an application form a student can complete and submit to declare interest in enrolling in the Winter Internship?
      Yes. Students must complete the Gabelli School Graduate Admissions application and check-off the box that they are interested in the Winternship program, when applying for either the M.S. in Accounting or the M.S. in Tax.
    7. If a student does not have an offer from a firm at the time of applying for GWP should the student complete the application to express interest?
      Absolutely! Students should work with the PPD team for guidance on applying for the accounting firm’s Winter internship programs.     
    8. Is there a fee to apply to the GWP?
      No. There is no fee to apply to the Winter Internship Program.

Additional Program Contact Information:

  • Brian Dunn - [email protected], Assistant Dean of Honors Opportunities and Dual-Degree Programs
  • Susan McGowan, Ph.D. - [email protected], Assistant Dean, Academic Advising & Student Engagement - Graduate Programs
  • Tenzin Palkyi - [email protected], Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment
  • Kelly Ulto - [email protected], Associate Clinical Professor and Program Director of M.S. in Accounting