Information for Families

The Gabelli School Mission

As we told your sons and daughters in the student version of this mailing, they are about to begin their four years at a business school that goes farther.

Everything we do at the Gabelli School of Business is intended to innovate; to stretch what other universities might view as the boundaries of a business education; and to encourage our students to, in turn, push themselves.

The experiences your children have over the next four years will bring to life what makes the Gabelli School different. You will see them develop their writing and oral presentation skills, make business presentations that will impress even the most demanding audiences, gain a grasp of other cultures and enhance their knowledge of human history’s greatest thinkers and writers. They also will come to an understanding of what they want for themselves in the future. We will be there to help them pursue and achieve that goal.

We often say that the Gabelli School of Business is a family, and we are serious about that. To that end, we hope that you will be as involved as you’d like to be in your sons and daughters’ Fordham experiences. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the opportunities that await them by exploring, and encourage them to take full advantage.

We look forward to having your family join ours!

  • All students at the Gabelli School, no matter what their eventual major or specialization, complete our dual core curriculum,which comprises both an integrated business core and a liberal arts core.

    There is no clearer reflection of our hands-on,integrated approach to business education than our business core. This rigorous program provides a comprehensive grounding in accounting, economics, finance,information and communication systems, management/strategy and marketing. At the same time, it gives students the universal skills that every business leader must have: innovation, creative problem-solving, critical thinking, an ability to work in teams, excellent oral and written communication, and the capacity to handle ambiguity and uncertainty.

    The program begins in freshman year with The Ground Floor, a course that introduces students to all the major disciplines of business and then challenges them to draw upon this knowledge in proposing a brand-new company. The Ground Floor gets students to think entrepreneurially while working in small teams, developing their business writing and speaking skills, and becoming familiar with New York City through class assignments.

    Meanwhile, the liberal arts core’s 13 courses give students a well-rounded education that will set them apart from their peers at other schools. Not every accomplished businessman or woman has studied the philosophy of St. Augustine, taken an English class called Captives, Cannibals and Rebels, or come to understand the driving factors in the European economy after World War II. Gabelli School graduates have had these opportunities.

  • In general, Gabelli School students are not required to study a foreign language. However, those who opt in junior or senior year for the international business secondary concentration will need to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language through the intermediate level. Freshmen who might one day pursue the international business secondary concentration may want to consider incorporating a foreign language into their academic program now. If your son or daughter plans to study a foreign language, please remind him or her to indicate a language preference on the freshman registration survey, which is available on the University portal. Please note that students who intend to study Spanish or French must take a placement exam. Information regarding the language placement exam is available on the new student tab on the main Fordham University web site.

  • A select number of first-year Gabelli School students may need to take an online math placement exam. This is actually a calculus readiness exam that identifies students who need additional math foundation coursework before taking the required math courses in the business curriculum. Instructions on how to take the math placement exam will be sent from the freshman dean’s office in late May/early June only to the email accounts of students who need to take it. Students who do not receive an email will not need to take the placement exam.

  • The First Year Advising Mentors (FAM) Program is a yearlong series of sessions focused on academic advising, developing the skills needed to succeed in college, and building an awareness of the proficiencies that are valued in the business world.

    Jesús Aceves Loza, assistant dean for First Year students, is your student’s primary academic advisor. Their relationship with him is structured to ensure their success through mandatory class advising sessions, but also includes the flexibility and tailored approach to meet the needs of the student through optional individual academic consulting sessions. Students also will benefit from the wisdom and experience of two assigned upper-class student mentors—their FAM. They will serve as valuable resources and guides as your student navigates through their first year at the Gabelli School of Business, providing insights and assistance whenever it is needed. Throughout their Fordham academic experience, students also will find that the Gabelli School offers the resources and support networks that are critical in attaining a high-quality business education—one that will set them apart. From the dean for international programs to the dedicated staff at our Personal and Professional Development Center, they will have access to a wealth of expertise and assistance to help them thrive academically, personally, and professionally.

  • Parental support and encouragement is critical for student success. Staying abreast of activities, new programming, and exciting new opportunities for students is important. Here are some ways you can keep yourself in the loop regarding essential developments at the Gabelli School of Business:

    • Bookmark, the School’s news site where we offer students information about ways they can build their professional networks, improve their career prospects, and expand their horizons in business and beyond. Visit often, as new stories and listings are added almost daily.
    • Join our Gabelli School Facebook page and our Instagram profile. We post our GabelliConnect stories here, and they will automatically end up in your news stream.
    • Similarly, you can learn more about the Gabelli School through our LinkedIn profile.
  • First-year students who wish to receive credit for AP exams, IB exams, and college courses completed at another college or university (not college courses provided at a high school) should make sure that transcripts are sent to the Office of Academic Records by August 1. This is critical, as future registration decisions depend upon the accurate posting of these scores. Please note that the College Board sometimes only sends some, not all, of the AP scores. You are responsible for checking your Fordham record to ensure that all scores have been transferred.

    Students will receive a letter in August that details the University’s policy on awarding AP credit. This letter also will identify which courses in the Gabelli School curriculum will be fulfilled with the awarded credit.

  • Academic orientation will be held on Monday, August 26. Your student will receive critical information to successfully begin their career at the Gabelli School of Business. Students will hear from Dean Lerzan Aksoy, Ph.D., associate and assistant deans, professors, fellow students, and business professionals, who are often Fordham alumni. They also will meet with their FAM Mentors in small groups. Please note, this session is mandatory.


  • Dean Lerzan Aksoy, Ph.D. oversees all Gabelli School of Business programs with an emphasis on academic success, industry relevance, and social responsibility.