First-Year Advising

Welcome to your first year at the Gabelli School of Business! For many of you, this marks the beginning of a series of firsts: your first taste of living independently and managing your time and resources; maybe your first time navigating life in another country; and perhaps even your first time enjoying the bustling streets of New York City! Similarly, this also will be your first time being introduced to myriad new topics, concepts, and ideas that will ignite your journey of understanding who you are, who you want to become—and why—and what beliefs and values center and ground who you are. I know that you will encounter uncharted territories and landscapes. The good news is that you won’t have to venture through this year of firsts on your own. Here at the Gabelli School, you will have a robust support system ready to assist you every step of the way.

As you dive into the first-year advising program, you will learn more about college life, Gabelli School curricular requirements, and options for your future. During your first year, take the time to learn about the majors, concentrations, minors, and other academic programs available to you. We hope you take advantage of the many opportunities and resources we offer. Ask questions, participate proactively in your mandatory advising sessions, and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of student clubs and activities offered. Forge connections with fellow first-years, seek guidance from upper-class students, and don’t hesitate to contact me as your class dean. I am here to help you with every facet of your first-year experience.

At the Gabelli School, participation in orientation and the First-Year Advising/Mentoring Class is mandatory, with pass/fail grades awarded based upon your attendance and participation. Both of these programs are designed to deliver information that is crucial to future success.

During the summer before the first-year at the Gabelli School of Business, entering students will engage with their class dean, mentors, and other GSB community members to ensure they are prepared for a strong start!    

Other resources available to Fordham first year students include programs focused on service and justice, global discovery, leadership development, and spiritual discernment. These University-wide programs facilitate connections with your peers at Fordham College as well.

For any first-year student seeking personalized guidance, I am readily available for one-on-one meetings. Utilize The Hub to schedule an appointment at your convenience. While these individual advising sessions are not mandatory, they offer an ideal opportunity to address specific questions, explore potential majors, and begin charting your career path. Your success, rooted in cura personalis (the care for the whole person), is our priority.

So, embrace this year of firsts with enthusiasm and determination. Your adventure begins now, and I am thrilled to be part of it!

Jesús Aceves Loza
Assistant Dean for First Years
Hughes Hall, Room 417
Fordham University, Rose Hill Campus
[email protected]


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