Information for New Students

A Message from the Assistant Dean for First-Year Students

Dear Class of 2028,

Welcome to the Gabelli School of Business, your academic and professional home
for the next four years. 

As you prepare to embark on this journey at Fordham University and this vital stage in your life and career, you will find yourself engaging in a profound exploration. Who are you? What ignites your passions? What principles and values guide you? And what steps will you take to crystalize your aspirations and pursue a successful career path? Embracing and taking advantage of the myriad opportunities the Gabelli School offers will empower you to emerge as a compassionate, effective, and sought-after leader in a rapidly changing business world.

Your time at Fordham will be defined by the connections you forge. I encourage you to cultivate relationships with your deans, professors, members of the Jesuit community, campus administrators, and industry partners, who make our campus vibrant and who will provide you with an educational experience that is second to none. Likewise, your peers will be invaluable allies on this journey. Together, you will build the essential teamwork and interpersonal skills through the integrated business core curriculum that will prepare you for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. You will expand your network and knowledge, gaining a competitive advantage and laying the groundwork for professional success.

Exciting times await you at the Gabelli School of Business. Those of you joining us at Rose Hill will benefit from the Gabelli School’s state-of-the-art facilities in Hughes Hall, where cutting-edge technology and collaborative spaces will enhance your learning experience. If you are pursuing your degree at our Lincoln Center campus, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and network in the heart of NYC, the business capital of the world. 

In closing, I want to congratulate the Gabelli Class of 2028, on your admission to Fordham! I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to accompany you as you initiate this enriching and transformative academic journey.

Looking forward to working with each of you,

Jesús Aceves Loza
Assistant Dean for First Year Students

Gabelli School of Business

Welcome to the Gabelli School of Business!

We are about to provide you with a business education without equal. But we need you to do your part: Take advantage. Start learning about everything that’s out there for you by exploring and by reading this letter in full. See you in August!

  • The First -Year Advising Mentors (FAM) Program is a yearlong series of sessions focused on academic advising, developing the skills needed to succeed in college, and building an awareness of the proficiencies valued in the business world.

    Jesús Aceves Loza, assistant dean for First-Year students, is your primary academic advisor. You will find that your relationship with him is structured to ensure your success through mandatory class advising sessions, but also includes the flexibility and tailored approach to meet your needs through optional individual academic consulting sessions. You also will benefit from the wisdom and experience of two assigned upperclass student mentors—your FAM. They will serve as invaluable resources and guides as you navigate your first-year at the Gabelli School, providing insights and assistance whenever you need it. Throughout your Fordham academic experience, you also will find that the School offers the rich resources and support networks that are critical in attaining a high-quality business education that will set you apart. From the dean for international programs to the dedicated staff at our Personal and Professional Development Center, you will have access to a wealth of expertise and assistance to help you thrive academically, personally, and professionally.

  • There is no clearer reflection of the Gabelli School’s hands-on, integrated approach to business education than our core curriculum. This rigorous program provides a comprehensive grounding in six areas: accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management/strategy, and marketing. At the same time, it gives students the universal skills that every business leader must have: innovation, creative problem-solving, critical thinking, an ability to work in teams, excellent verbal and written communication, and the capacity to handle ambiguity and uncertainty.

    The program begins in freshman year with The Ground Floor, a course that introduces students to all the major disciplines of business and then challenges them to draw upon this knowledge in proposing a brand-new business. The Ground Floor gets students to think entrepreneurially while working in small teams, developing their business writing and speaking skills, and becoming familiar with New York City through class assignments.

  • Over the summer, you will register for classes. Your class dean and upper-class student mentors will support you in this process, teaching you the ins and outs of registration so you feel confident throughout your first registration cycle.

  • In a business environment that is becoming more globalized and diverse than ever before, studying a language can provide the cultural insights and communications skills to enhance your success. Students interested in studying a language should review the Language Placement site for details about taking a placement exam. While the Gabelli School of Business encourages students interested in pursuing a language to do so, the School does not have a foreign language requirement.

  • First-year students who wish to receive credit for AP exams, IB exams, and college courses completed at another college or university (not college courses provided at a high school) should make sure that transcripts are sent to the Office of Academic Records by August 1. This is critical, as future registration decisions depend upon the accurate posting of these scores. Please note that the College Board sometimes only sends some, not all, of the AP scores. You are responsible for checking your Fordham record to ensure that all scores have been transferred.

    Students who submit scores will receive a letter in August that details the University’s policy on awarding AP credit. This letter also will identify which courses in the Gabelli School curriculum will be fulfilled with the awarded credit.

  • Academic orientation will be held on Monday, August 26. During this event, you will receive critical information to successfully begin your career as a Gabelli School of Business student. You’ll hear from Dean Lerzan Aksoy, Ph.D., associate and assistant deans, professors, fellow students, and business professionals who are often Gabelli School alumni. You also will meet with your FAM mentors in small groups. Please note, this session is mandatory. 

  • Manresa is a learning community in which freshmen live in the same residence hall and take some academic courses together, producing a truly tight-knit group. Gabelli School students who choose to be Manresa scholars may take The Ground Floor, our introductory business course, together during the fall semester, and they may enroll in a seminar with Fordham College. They also have access to special group site visits to major New York City corporations, with an emphasis on Fortune 500 companies. 

  • The military science program is academically administered through the Gabelli School of Business and is available to all undergraduate students regardless of college or major.

  • In 2012, Fordham opened the doors to Hughes Hall, a state-of-the-art home for the Gabelli School. It is not only a place to learn—equipped with trading and media rooms, spacious classrooms, and the newest academic technology—but also a place to gather as a Fordham business community of students, professors, deans, and alumni.

  • Dean Lerzan Aksoy, Ph.D. oversees all Gabelli School of Business programs with an emphasis on academic success, industry relevance, and social responsibility.