API Payment, Tuition, and Scholarships


Tuition includes College Board® materials specific to your content area. Attending an institute will also provide you with at least 30 professional development hours [individual session leaders vary slightly] regardless of whether you sign up for credit or no credit.

Below is a list of the tuition cost for each institute:

  • $990 (for 2023) = Tuition for students not taking the institute for graduate credits (non-credit), except biology
  • $940 = Tuition for Biology because of required participant purchases
  • $4,500 2022 Tuition for students taking the institute for three Fordham University Graduate School of Education graduate credits. This is informational; the 2023 rate has yet to be set by Fordham University.
  • $1,075 = Tuition for AP® Capstone - Participants and schools will follow College Board® registration procedures as outlined.


After you register, Fordham will generate a student ID for you [a process that takes anywhere between a few days to two weeks]. After you have that ID (which you can get by e-mailing [email protected]) – and ONLY after you have that ID, send payment to:

Fordham University
Controller’s Office
441 East Fordham Road
Bronx, New York 10458


Note: Checks must note your name, Fordham ID and that payment is re: Grad School of Education – 2023 AP® Institutes

If an institute is canceled because we could not create a quorum, you will be notified as soon as the decision has been made. Sometimes, registrations are kept open to increase the probability of reaching that quorum. Participants who cancel their registrations less than 30 days from the start of their sessions are responsible for the costs we incur for the participant fee/materials we order and have shipped to your home ($70).

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders may ONLY be emailed, at any time, to [email protected]

Purchase orders are NOT payment. Once we receive a purchase order, we provide an invoice to the Department of Education (DOE), after which they render payment.

Please note that the Department of Education does not submit payment until after the participant has attended. Invoices will be sent to the DOE at the end of the Institute for the purchase orders that have been received from the DOE. In the past, the DOE has requested certificates of attendance prior to rendering payment. Please have the purchase order initiator ensure that the necessary documentation is on file with the DOE to avoid payment issues. Certificates of Completion are provided at the end of the Institute. Due to this process, payment can be submitted through the end of August. Payments submitted after this time may be subject to late fees.

Note: Purchase orders will be processed after the participant has been registered officially through the University. Purchase orders that arrive prior to official registration will be held by AP® Institutes Staff until registration is processed and then sent out to the relevant departments to be posted to the participant's account.

Credit Card Payments

While credit card payments are accepted, they cannot be processed until you are officially registered. Official registration means that a student account, to which your payment can be applied, has been created. This process can take approximately two weeks to complete after you have registered via CVENT. You will receive a confirmation email when this process has been completed, along with instructions for how to pay with your credit card.

Registration for Scholarship Recipients

All College Board® APSI scholarship recipients must register as scholarship recipients to be eligible to use scholarship funds. This is a payment option when participants register on CVENT.

Paperwork Process

The teacher needs to confirm with the College Board® that they accept the scholarship and submit a completed W-9 form to the College Board® for taxes as they specified. College Board® will then issue a confirmation awardee email to the recipient. Otherwise, the scholarship is not awarded. Recipients should forward the email confirmation from the College Board® APSI Director Matthew A. Sawh, [email protected], for processing within Fordham.

Scholarships for Non-Public School Personnel

  • 40% of tuition charges = Persons employed full time as professionals in a non-public, religiously affiliated school, may apply for and receive a scholarship.
  • 50% of tuition charge = Any person employed full-time in a Jesuit-affiliated school may apply for and receive a scholarship.
  • To apply, eligible participants must complete a special application, available from the Center for Catholic School Leadership & Faith-Based Education at Fordham University.
  • This scholarship is only available to participants who register for three graduate credits.
  • A registration form must be filed before you apply for the scholarship.
  • The applicant must supply proof of full-time professional employment at a non-public, religiously affiliated school.