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Advanced Placement Institutes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of COVID-19 and our broader concern for the wellbeing of our campus community, all AP Summer Institute sessions will be held remotely for the Summer 2020. Again, there will be NO face-to-face summer sessions here at Fordham. All institutes are taught by experienced teachers of AP® and are endorsed by the College Board®. Three graduate credits are available per institute.

The Graduate School of Education at Fordham University offers summer institutes at its Lincoln Center Campus for teachers of Advanced Placement® high school courses.

  • All institutes are taught by experienced teachers of AP® and are endorsed by the College Board®.
  • Three graduate credits are available per institute.

Register Online

In order to register, you will be required to create or log into your personal College Board account via CVENT. Click on the links below to access and register for the dates that interest you. The registration links are organized by session dates. Registration can also be completed via College Board's AP® Central Professional Development Event Calendar.

All institutes are held at Fordham University's Lincoln Center Campus:
113 West 60th Street
New York, New York 10023


Fordham University Advanced Placement Institutes
Director: Matthew A. Sawh

*College Board®, AP®, Advanced Placement Program® and Pre-AP® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

Cancellation Policy

If a registrant is unable to attend an institute, the registrant or their representatives must contact the Fordham University AP Institutes staff by the Monday before the institute's start date to process the cancellation.

Cancellations for the institutes will be accepted until the Monday before the institute begins. For the 2020 institutes, the dates are as follows:
    •    Week 1: June 22
    •    Week 2: June 29
    •    Week 3: July 6
    •    Week 4: July 13
    •    Capstone Week: July 27

To cancel, please send an email to Cancelling requires withdrawing from the course through the University. Thus, it is a process that takes time to complete. For a full refund, the withdrawal from the course must occur by the end of the first class. This means that all documentation to withdraw must have been submitted to the relevant University department by the end of the first class at the latest. The request to cancel/withdraw must be received prior to the Institute start date. If a cancellation request is received past the aforementioned deadlines, the registrant may be held responsible for a portion of the cost of the institute (if not the full tuition) and will need to remit payment to Fordham University.  If you don't attend the Institute AND don't withdraw, you're NOT entitled to a refund. 

Refund Policy

Our policy is based on cancellation date:

Cancellation and withdrawal prior to Institute start date - Refund = 100% of payment

Cancellation and withdrawal by first day of Institute - Refund = 40% of payment

Cancellation and withdrawal thereafter - Refund = 0% of payment