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Jie Ren

Business faculty - Jie Ren

Assistant Professor
Information Systems

General Information:
Lowenstein Building, Room 625A,
113 West 60th Street,
New York, NY 10023



Jie Ren is an assistant professor in the information systems area at Gabelli School of Business. She received her PhD in information management from Stevens Institute of Technology, and she earned her MS in management science and engineering and her BS in e-business from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Professor Ren's research focuses on online collective behaviors. She is interested in understanding the business impact of these behaviors, especially in the field of marketing and innovation. She currently studies social media, crowdsourcing and open innovation.


  • PhD: Information Management, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Master's: Management Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (China)
  • Bachelor's: E-Business, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (China)

Research Interests

  • Social Media
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Open Innovation


  • Ren, J., Yeoh, W., Ee, M. and Popovič, A. (2017) Online Consumer Reviews and Sales: Examining the Chicken-Egg Relationships, Journal of the Associations for Information Science and Technology, forthcoming
  • Ren, J., Ozturk, P. and Yeoh, W. (2017) Online Crowdsourcing Campaigns: Bottom-up VS Top-down Process Model, Journal of Computer Information Systems, forthcoming, available online,
  • Ren, J. (2015) Exploring Creativity in Crowdsourcing, Journal of Business Anthropology, 4(2), 284-292
  • Ren, J., Nickerson, J. V., Mason, W., Sakamoto, Y. and Graber, B. (2014) Increasing the Crowd’s Capacity to Create: How Alternative Generation Affects the Diversity, Relevance, and Effectiveness of Generated Ads, Decision Support Systems, 65, 28-39.
  • Shahid, M. K., Ren, J. and Tang, S. (2007). Broadband Access in Developing Countries: Access Technologies, Policy Issues, and Solution, Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology, 17 (Suppl): 112-120. 
  • Ren, J., Han, Y., Yeoh, W and Genc, Y. (2017) Exploring the Role of Learning in Crowdsourcing Creativity: The Value of Idea-Building in the Crowd, Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems 2017, Dec. 10-14, Seoul, Korea.
  • Yim, D., Malefyt, T. and Ren, J. (2016). Remembering Beauty or Artifacts? Empirical Investigation of Mobile Photo Evaluation, Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems 2016, Dec. 10-14, Dublin, Ireland. 
  • Ren, J. (2015). Examining the Causality Loop between Online Reviews and Consumer Acquisition – a Granger Causality Study from YouTube, Proceedings of the 21st Americas Conference on Information Systems, Aug. 13-15, Puerto Rico.
  • Ren, J., and Nickerson, J. V. (2014). Online Review Systems: How Emotional Language Drives Sales, Proceedings of the 20th Americas Conference on Information Systems, Aug. 7-8, Savannah, GA.