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Fordham Fonts

“The Fordham Font”

Example of Bernhard Modern font

Bernhard Modern BT is used solely for the Fordham University wordmark. It should not be used for anything other than the wordmark and official stationery. Please do not typeset the wordmark or official stationery yourself. Official stationery should be requested through Strategic Sourcing and Office Services, 718-817-4910.

Primary Fonts

For all other text, banners, mastheads, announcements, etc. Fordham University uses Minion Pro as its serif font, and Whitney as its san-serif font. They can be purchased online.

Example of Minion Pro

Example of Whitney font

Web Fonts

The Fordham University website uses the Raleway font family throughout. This font is automatically employed in the website’s CMS style sheets, and content is automatically presented in the correct fonts. It is an open source Google font and available for download.

Example of Raleway font

Alternative Fonts

For emails, e-newsletters, and third-party web pages, we suggest using Georgia in place of Minion as the serif font, and Helvetica in place of Whitney as the san-serif font, because both are nearly universally available in all email and web services.

Example of Georgia font

Example of Arial font

If you need further or more complex assistance with fonts, please contact