Meet the Career Center Team

Our devoted team is driven by a passion for the dynamic world of work and a commitment to continuous learning. Our mission is to ensure that every student and alum from our esteemed university receives personalized support in achieving their professional aspirations. We connect with each graduating class member individually, proactively reaching out through phone calls and emails to provide the assistance necessary for success as they navigate their academic and professional journey. We look forward to collaborating with you as you shape your future!

  • Annette McLaughlin
    Director of the Career Center
    Strategic Development | Fundraising | Professional Development
    McShane Campus Center 222
    (718) 817-4353
    [email protected]

    Cheretta Robson
    Senior Associate Director, Rose Hill
    Assessment | Operations & Initiatives | Career Counseling 
    McShane Campus Center 228
    (718) 817-5358
    [email protected]

    Kathlene Mullaney
    Senior Associate Director of Employer Relations
    Signature Partners | Employer Relations | STEM & Pre-Health Industries
    McShane Campus Center 225
    (718) 817-4264
    [email protected]

    Kevin Moncayo
    Associate Director, Lincoln Center
    Student Support | Career Counseling | Operations 
    140 W 62nd Street, G-52
    (212) 636-6283
    [email protected]

    Holly Young
    Senior Strategic Development
    Career Counseling | Strategic Initiatives | Special Projects
    [email protected]

  • Michael Persaud
    Assistant Director of Campus Recruiting
    On-Campus Recruiting | GSB & PCS Liaison | Business, Consulting, Legal Industries
    McShane Campus Center 226
    (718) 817-4354
    [email protected] 

    Brittany Perez
    Employer Relations Specialist
    Employer Relations | DEI Programming | Government, Non-Profit, Education Industries
    McShane Campus Center 225
    (718) 817-2878
    [email protected] 

    Gregory Triandis
    Employer Relations Specialist
    Employer Relations | Career Fairs | Arts, Communications, Media, Marketing Industries
    McShane Campus Center 226
    (718) 817-5602

  • Allyson Blatz
    Assistant Director for Student Engagement
    Student Engagement | Career Counseling | Career Ambassadors
    McShane Campus Center 227
    (718) 817-0438
    [email protected] 

    Toni Marie Perilli
    Marketing & Digital Media Communications Coordinator
    Communications | Branding, Marketing, and Media | Portfolios and Social Media
    McShane Campus Center 227
    (718) 817-0517
    [email protected] 

    Mirza Amin
    Data Specialist
    Data | Computer Science & Tech | Handshake
    McShane Campus Center 229
    (718) 817-5080
    [email protected] 

  • Delasia Rice
    Graduate School Specialist
    Graduate School Support | Career Counseling | Student Development
    140 W 62nd Street, G-45
    (212) 903-2052
    [email protected] 

    Jerry Goldstein
    Alumni Relations Specialist
    Alumni Career Counseling | Alumni Engagement | Ram Career Network
    140 W 62nd Street, G-44
    (212) 636-7039
    [email protected] 

    Natassja Agina
    Marketing Assistant
    Marketing | Content Creation | Graphic Design & Media Production
    [email protected] 

    Emily Lewis
    Senior Student Engagement Strategist / Career Counselor
    Career Counseling | Senior Programming | First Destination
    [email protected]