Career Center Info for Employers

The Fordham Career Center connects students and employers with the goal of bridging a Fordham education with professional success. With locations at both the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses and the capacity for hybrid or virtual programming, we’re able to support employers through a variety of recruiting opportunities to build brand awareness, discover top-quality candidates, and hire the next generation of industry leaders and professionals.

Employer & Recruiter Policies

Fordham University adheres to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE’s) recruiting policies, and we ask that you understand and abide by these policies that relate to 
(1) Principles for Professional Conduct For Career Services & Employment Professionals and 
(2) Recruiting Policies

  • Any institution, corporation, organization, agency or individual applying to use the facilities of Fordham University for the purpose of recruiting, posting full-time and part-time jobs and internships, attending career fairs, or hosting information sessions hereby signifies its certification that it is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable state and federal laws. In addition, you certify that applicants will be given equal consideration without regard to race, religion, creed, national or ethnic origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or other legally protected categories.

    Student information accessed by employers is to be used solely by that employer and must not be sold or otherwise distributed to any entity other than the specific employer who has access to Handshake.  Posting on Handshake or via the Career Center is not a right guaranteed to any employer. All postings are at the discretion of the Career Center.

    The Career Center reserves the right to refuse any company access to all services.

    Reasons for denial of access or discontinuation of access may include, but are not limited to; 

    • The nature of the business or business practices are inconsistent with the mission and values of Fordham University
    • Advertisement of internships or jobs that are fee-based
    • Advertisement of internships or jobs that are home-based
    • Potential risks to the health and safety of students 
    • Complaints about employers reported to the Career Center regarding unethical work practices or treatment of students may be cause for removal from the system or be prohibited from posting future jobs on Handshake
    • If at any time it is brought to our attention that an employer has claims of being involved in unethical or deceptive business practices, has misrepresented themselves to Career Center or students, or has a history of poor Better Business Bureau ratings
  • Fordham University's Career Center does not permit “Third Party Recruiters”, defined as Employment Agencies/Search Firms/Staffing Services/Temp Agencies/Online Job Board Services/Contract/Recruiters, etc., access to recruit or post opportunities on Handshake.

    Exceptions are granted for the above organizations if they are recruiting for internal roles (i.e. recruiters, account executives, etc.).

  • Fordham University will not host franchise and/or pyramid-type organizations and other organizations that require a financial investment, purchase of supplies or equipment or pay a fee as a condition of employment unless such fees are required in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws. 

  • Fordham University Career Center adheres to the Federal Government’s “Internship Programs Under the Fair Labor Standards Act”. For complete information, please visit:

  • The organization needs to fully disclose compensation packages and business costs incurred up front through the first year of employment prior to making an offer of employment. This includes salary, duration of salary, training allowance, incentive programs, stock options, commission structure, benefits and any costs borne by the applicant/employee including testing, licenses, classes, travel expenses and equipment. All positions must pay at least minimum wage as a base salary.

  • Effective November 1, 2022

    Employers advertising jobs in New York City must include a good faith salary range for every job, promotion, and transfer opportunity advertised. Disclosure of salary includes the base annual or hourly wage or rate of pay, regardless of the frequency of payment. By posting on Fordham's job portal, Handshake, you are agreeing to comply with this law. Employers should follow the new law when advertising for positions that can or will be performed, in whole or in part, in New York City, whether from an office, in the field, or remotely from the employee’s home. Employer postings in NYC will be declined by the Fordham Career Center if salary is not listed.

    For more information, visit:

The final approval for employers to utilize our services rests with the Director of the Career Center. The permission to use Fordham University's facilities does not imply University approval or endorsement of the policies, practices, or products of the recruiting organization.

The Career Center may revise the Employer Terms as needed.