University Marketing and Communications

Telling Fordham's Story

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Brand Guidelines

Our brand guidelines act as a compass. They guide our decisions, influence our direction and inspire the Fordham brand.

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Advertising and Marketing

Do you have an account manager assigned to your department, college or school? Your account manager can assist you with your marketing and communication needs.

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News and Media Relations

We provide timely news and information to the University community and the public, including students, trustees, faculty, alumni, parents, and staff.

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Photography and Video

The primary photography for our brand platform features Fordham students, faculty, staff, campus and alumni in interesting environments that bring Fordham to life.

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Social Media Icons

Social Media

Social media can be an effective way to brand Fordham to multiple audiences. What you publish, and every engagement strategy should be executed with the Fordham brand in mind.

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Website Management

A team of web communications professionals in Fordham's Office of Marketing and Communications supports the Fordham website.

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In Practice

Here are a few examples of how everything comes together. Don’t think of these as rigid rules. Instead, use them as a guide to understand how the brand can flex, and how all of our brand elements can come together to create an engaging, effective suite of marketing materials.