DEI Strategic Plan

DEI Strategic Plan

Race, gender, culture, sexual identity, socioeconomic status, religion: Fordham is committed to diversity in all dimensions. Working to understand and respect that which makes each of us unique is an essential part of a college education. It’s part of our Jesuit mission to be both Catholic and catholic—a community that welcomes and honors all who come to us—whether it be as students, faculty members, or members of our staff.

In Fall 2017, Donna Rapaccioli, now dean emerita of the Gabelli School of Business, launched a strategic planning process in accordance with the University’s commitment to the core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. With her leadership, the Gabelli School of Business is committed to fostering a climate where all community members can strive for excellence without barriers.

The strategic planning process was led by Lerzan Aksoy, who was then associate dean of undergraduate studies and strategic initiatives and now serves as the dean of the Gabelli School of Business; and Clarence E. Ball III, then director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. The process involved all of the GSB’s stakeholders: students, alumni, faculty, administrators, staff, donors and leaders of industry. The action plan was, and continues to be, structured to advance the Gabelli School’s core mission, to uphold our Jesuit principles, and to further establish the GSB as a global business institution.

This strategic plan will outline the steps we will take to achieve our shared vision of a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. A clear diversity plan, with actions and next steps, will move the GSB toward its aim of inclusion and excellence. The ideals of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are vital to achieving our Jesuit mission and will move to foster the optimal climate for our community in the interest of all members.

This strategic plan is a guide to keep the Gabelli School of Business on a trajectory toward these ideals and meeting the goals of the University. This action plan will be used as a guide to create and maintain a climate where everyone feels accepted and included. Students, faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged and supported to work, study, and learn in a way that allows each of them to reach their full potential.

We have specified a set of recommended goals, objectives, and action steps that define a clear path for the Gabelli School of Business to achieve these goals.

Core Objectives

Establish and maintain trust with all members of our community.

Make the climate of the Gabelli School one that invites all community members to feel like they belong.

Connect our diversity initiatives to the Gabelli School’s administrative goals in ways that move them forward.

Our core objectives will become realities through these steps, which are laid out in detail in the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Student Strategic Plan. Please click the link below for full details.

In short, the action plan focuses on access and success, climate and intergroup relations, education and scholarship, and institutional viability and vitality. The Gabelli School of Business aims to create active initiatives to achieve a diverse student experience internally and throughout the admissions process. We plan to incentivize our faculty, students, and administrators to actively engage with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives.

DEI Access and Success

The four key focal points of this plan are:

  • Access and Success
  • Climate and Intergroup Relations
  • Education and Scholarship
  • Institutional Viability and Vitality

Please check this page for updates to the Strategic Plan.

The Gabelli School of Business will develop a diversity resource bank and core curriculum to educate members of the community to further these initiatives. We will remain accountable for our actions by maintaining this website and social media pages to highlight progress, track data, and allocate funds to support these diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Please check this site regularly to see our progress and hopes for the future.

DEI Strategic Plan

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