European History

INSTRUCTOR: Benny Parekkadan

DATES: July 3-7, 2023 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; off Tuesday, July 4)

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2023 AP® European History Workshop Description:

This virtual workshop is highly recommended to keep yourself updated to meet the requirements of the most recent AP® European History redesign. It will be tailored to meet the needs of both new and experienced teachers in AP® European History and participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Consider ways to retool their classroom instruction to align with elements of the new AP® European History exam and curriculum requirements;
  • Peruse the framework and unit development strategies in the new Course and Exam Description;
  • Examine approaches to formulating units and activities for instruction;
  • Explore ways to use AP® classroom:unit guides, progress checks, progress dashboard, and question bank;
  • Review AP® European History thinking skills and reasoning processes;
  • Gain insights on the construction of multiple-choice questions and techniques for students to handle them;
  • Compare the value of theme-based versus concept-based strategies in classroom instruction;
  • Explore some tools and strategies for online instruction;
  • Reflect on developmental strategies for classroom instruction;
  • Discuss strategies and methods to improve essay writing (thesis development, sourcing, analysis and reasoning);
  • Share and reflect on challenges, helpful resources and best practices;
  • Participate in activities to standardize them to the scoring requirements of the exam; and
  • Obtain samples of useful materials and tools that they might want to consider for classroom use. 

About the Instructor

Benny Parekkadan teaches AP® European History. He is currently a table leader and has been a reader of the AP® European History exam for about a decade. Benny was invited to be on the Instructional Design Team for AP® European History for the College Board®. He also has close to 20 years of experience in testing overall, from working as a content reviewer of European History for Kaplan to SAT classes for both Math and English for Princeton Review and Kaplan.

Benny has been honored with many student-initiated awards (e.g., MIT’s "Most Influential Teacher", University of Chicago’s “Outstanding Teacher” Award), and has been a participant in multiple National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) seminars, plus received honors as a coach (Edison Chamber of Commerce World Achievement Award and two Omer Awards).

Related to and outside of the academic setting, Benny is involved with his students as a coach of a competitive club focused on developing creativity called Odyssey of the Mind. In the past, he has been an advisor and participant in Habitat for Humanity, a history and film club, an Ultimate Frisbee club, and an international club. Benny has mentored numerous student teachers and has held workshops for a great number of teachers, ranging from personality assessments to organizing instructional units for history. He is very service-oriented and is always looking for ways to empower both students and teachers.   

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