June 29 - July 3
Instructor: Katherine Minter

AP® Psychology for teachers "NEW" to the course will focus on the knowledge and skills needed to build and maintain a successful program. This APSI will address the particular needs of teachers new to the curriculum of AP® Psychology. We will review the latest updates and emphasis in the NEW College Board CED (Course & Examination Description), AP® Audit, various syllabi for one and two semester courses, sequence & pacing, textbook options, supplemental materials, and other important resources to help in the AP® classroom. Emphasis will be on nuts-and-bolts best-practices for teachers new to AP® Psychology with plenty of time for questions and answers. We will also cover some content areas that are typically more difficult for students and teachers including neurophysiology/biochemistry of behavior; research methods & statistics; and sensation & perception. Successful classroom activities will be demonstrated, including draw-and-color activities and building brains from Play-doh. If you have taught On-Level Psychology and have a favorite lesson or activity, please plan to share it and bring instructions and handouts for 25 people. If available, a recent AP® Exam will be reviewed and “best practice” ideas will be shared for both Multiple Choice and FRQ sections. Come ready to learn and leave energized and excited to be teaching this wonderful course!

About the Instructor

Katherine Minter

Katherine Minter is a past National Chair of the American Psychological Association's Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS), with headquarters in Washington, D.C.

With over 35 years teaching experience at both the college and high school levels, Katherine is experienced teaching Advanced Placement®, International Baccalaureate (IB), and Regular Psychology curriculums. As a College Board® International Consultant traveling for over 24 years throughout the United States and abroad, Katherine offers innovative, engaging ways to cover the most challenging content of a typical college introductory course. Additionally, Katherine was an AP® Reader of exams for many years and was an IB Trainer and Examiner in Psychology for the International Baccalaureate program headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Over the years, she has been asked to present at the National Science Teachers Association convention on "Psychology as Science," and she has been an Invited Presenter at the College Board® Annual Conference. Katherine has been an international representative for IB Psychology meetings in Cardiff, Wales, and has also presented an AP® Psychology Workshop in Shanghai, China in 2015, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2016. Recipient of the College Board’s Excellence in Teaching Award for 1996, Katherine was “Teacher of the Year” at Westwood High School, Austin, Texas, for 2001, and was selected for a "Special Recognition Award” for Teaching from APA's Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools in 2009.

Katherine wrote an AP® Psychology Instructor’s Manual to accompany a McGraw-Hill college textbook, and recently she co-authored a psychology textbook published by Pearson/Prentice-Hall in 2012, now in its second edition in 2016. For 28 years, Katherine enjoyed being a full-time classroom teacher at Westwood High School, Austin, Texas.

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