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Student Perspectives

When I arrived on campus in the fall, I was like most freshmen: confused, overwhelmed, and a bit saddened about leaving home for the first time. My feelings changed once I walked into my dorm building, home of the Manresa Scholars Program. I noticed at once that the atmosphere that engulfed me was filled with an air of warmth and camaraderie; an atmosphere that did not cease to amaze me throughout the entire school year. I firmly believe that because of my participation in the Manresa program, I was able to assimilate to life at college and excel at Fordham in a way that would have been impossible to do otherwise. I was able to discover who I was, and who I am really meant to be.

- Nicole Benevento (FCRH)

Manresa pumpkin picking

Manresa Scholars enjoying pumpkin picking on a crisp Saturday in October.

As I prepared to become a college student, I decided I wanted to live in an environment where I would face academic, social, and spiritual challenges, be a member of a tight-knit community, and have a plethora of opportunities to mature as a member of the Fordham and Bronx communities. The Manresa Scholars Program did not let me down. I met incredibly kind and bright people who made me strive to be a better person, was able to reflect on my spiritual and academic life with peers and faculty, and greatly enjoyed participating in the vast array of programs that make Manresa so unique. Manresa was a vital foundation of my college experience, and the opportunities I am excited to pursue in the future are a testament to what I learned about others and myself in the Program.

- Neil Joyce (FCRH)

Students at a lecture.

Scholars attending a conference on liberal arts education. Photo by Bruce Gilbert.