Manresa Program Faculty and Staff Perspectives

In a dark cave in Manresa, Spain, Ignatius of Loyola was enlightened. Ignatius, "the pilgrim," would pray in the cave for hours each day. And then he experienced a vision- an encounter with God after which all creation acquired a new meaning, and the pilgrim found God in all things.

Loyola and Faber Residential Life Staff with RD Pearse and Father Lito

Loyola and Faber Residential Life Staff with Father Lito

My great desire is for Manresa Scholars to experience something of what Ignatius of Loyola experienced during his less than a year sojourn in that small Catalan town: a totally transformative experience, the beginning of a new life, a turning point. I want to see the Manresa residential program become a staging point for their lives to be marked by depth of thinking and imagination (intellectual, affective), passionate living (virtuous, disciplined), and always being in love (committed, self-sacrificing).

Fr. Lito Salazar, S.J. 

I love spending time with my students and colleagues outside of the classroom. I enjoy so much how these opportunities are seamlessly woven into the Manresa curriculum. It’s such a fun, rewarding teaching experience. I also am so grateful for the genuine emphasis on service that is a core part of Manresa programming. To me, there has been no better way to get to know my students than in participating in service activities together.

Rachel Annunziato, Ph.D.