Manresa Program Student Perspectives

As a Manresa Scholar, I have had the privilege to be surrounded by people who strive for excellence and value each other. During one of our Reflecting Programs with Dean Parmach, we observed the St. Ignatius of Loyola Statue across Hughes Hall. One foot of the statue is grounded while the other is raised. It serves as a constant reminder to be firm in your values and to keep moving forward. As the year continues, I have no doubt that my fellow Manresa Scholars and I will emulate this statue. We will remain rooted in our efforts to care for one another, but like the raised foot, show the courage to continue working towards improving ourselves in every aspect.

- Xavier Rodrigo (FCRH)

Manresa Scholars Gathering for a Service Project

Manresa Scholars at a lunch-bag packing service program

I can write about all the joyful moments I’ve spent in the Loyola Social Commons, the stressful ones studying and paper writing in O’Keefe, or the exciting ones in the Shared Expectations and RA programs, but it will never come close to the truth of the program and what it has meant to me. At its core, the program is not its Shared Expectations. It is not its Manresa classes or sponsored activities. At its heart, the program is the active development of each student individually and collectively as leaders, servants, and human beings. What you will find at the Manresa program is similar to seeing the world around you like you’ve been blind your whole life. In that manner, the Manresa Scholars Program is not just an integrated learning community. It is Leadership forged by compassion, Serving forged by empathy, Reflecting forged by faith, and Learning forged by determination.

My Jesuit educational experience here continues to reshape me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

- Jonathan Eng (FCRH)

Manresa Scholars in Loyola Hall

Scholars socializing in Loyola Hall after Thursday evening mass